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Welcome all to Regular Show Ice Collection, one of the newest platform we have to offer everyone into our category of Regular Show Games, which we are planning on making as great as possible, since we want you to be able to find as many great games with these Cartoon Network characters here, which is why recently we have kept bringing you games that are fan-made, of which we did not have enough, truth be told, and we are happy that we can offer them now. We will now be explaining how this one works, after which you should be able to do great at it, just like we have did. Well, you are going to use the four arrow keys to control Rigby. You are going to have to move on the platforms, climb and descend stairs, in order to reach all of the ice cubes, which you have to make drop, because you get points in return, and only when all the ice has been collected you will have passed the level. You be careful of the enemies, in the form of insects, because if they touch you, you lose a life, and you only have three lives available, and surely you do not want to lose the game, right? If you give it your best, it will not happen, but you will actually do great!


Use the arrow keys.


Regular Show Ice Collection Walkthrough

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