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Welcome all to Shimmer and Shine 1 2 3 Music Key, which is not only one of the newest Shimmer and Shine Games from our website, but also one of the newest memory games from this category, with a format different from memory games we have added here in the past, since this is a memory game with sequences and colors, instead of cards, which we are sure you are going to find as a great experience, and a fun one from start to finish, just like it was for us all. Right now we are going to teach you the game, so follow our instructions, and you will have no problems. Well, you are going to have a musical instrument with multiple colored keys in front of you. You are going to see the keys blink in a certain order, so memorize it. You do so because you then have to click on the keys in the same order that you have seen them blink, and when you achieve that, you complete a sequence. You then move to the following one, which is harder, and so on, until you finish them all and win the game. We want to wish you all good luck, inviting you to play even more games from this amazing category, if you have not already!


Use the mouse.


Shimmer and Shine 1 2 3 Music Key Walkthrough

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Larissa 22.09.2019 01:03

Larissa 1810 Bom.dia Bom ❤❤❤❤❤😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍 😍

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