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It is our utmost pleasure to start this day off by providing you all our newest addition to the DuckTales Games category, which is a category of Disney Channel Games which we have created for our website quite a long time ago, ever since we heard about this reboot, and so far in it we have only added games that are based upon the last series this show had, so we are very happy that finally there is a game that is based upon the 2018 version, a game called Duckburg Quest, which we are certain you are now going to have a tremendous time with. To make sure of that, we are now going to explain what you do in it, so make sure to pay attention! Well, Scrooge married a ruthless mafia boss, so his nephews are going on an adventure to bring him back to his old senses, because ever since that time, Duckburg has been invaded by mafia dogs, who are making trouble for everyone. With the mouse you are going to select the character that you want to be, and use the WASD keys to move around. You are going to go around, talk with characters, interact with your environment, and advance the story, going through all sorts of wonderful adventures, which we are sure you will enjoy a lot. Have fun!


Use the mouse, WASD keys.


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