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We keep adding more Welcome to the Wayne Games on our website, because we want you to be able to find as many of these games as you can on our website, which we always keep up to date with all the latest games based on the latest shows from your favorite networks, just like Nickelodeon, which will air Welcome to the Wayne as a full series sometimes in 2016. Welcome to the Wayne Jigsaw is the second puzzle game in the category, and it depics Olly and Ansi, the two main characters, going fishing, their new favorite activity. We are sure you want to learn how to solve the puzzle first, which is what we are going to tell you in the continuation of this description. With the Mezclar button on the bottom right side of the screen you will make the 40 pieces of the puzzle to be shuffled all around the game screen. Use the mouse to take each piece and link it with the other pieces it fits, so that you complete the puzzle, and make it look just like it did at the beginning of the game. The Resolver button solves the puzzle for you, but we think that it is more excited and fun for you to try your hardest to solve this jigsaw puzzle.


Use the mouse.

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