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While all sorts of Avengers Games have been added so far on our website, in this category we have never before had any quiz games, which is why we are very excited to offer you such a game right now, a game that is entitled Which Avenger Are You, and which we are positive you are going to be having lots and lots of fun with, and it will also answer to you the question you probably have had for a long time, which is which one of the Avengers are you most alike. Let us tell you how the game works right now, after which you are surely going to do great at playing it! Well, you are going to receive multiple questions about your personality, or what would you do if you are put in all sorts of situations. For these questions, you are going to choose one of the answers made available to you, and then continue to the following question. Do so with all of the questions, until you are done with the quiz, at the end of which you find out which Avenger you are. Have fun, and hopefully you are going to be satisfied with the answer that you have received.


Use the mouse.


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