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Today on our website we are returning to the Strawberry Shortcake Games category, for which we have prepared no less than three new games for you to play today, all of which we are quite certain you are going to greatly enjoy, considering that we have had a great time with each and every one of them, so why would the same thing not be true for you as well, especially since the games previously added here have also been well received. Next up we will be explaining what it is you do in this game and how, so make sure to pay attention! Well, you are going to move the sun to the left and to the right using the mouse, and Shortcake is going to follow it. You need to do so in order to grab fruits, and then grab drops of water, so that seeds are planted, and you grow fruits. Each type of fruit that you manage to successfully grow is going to earn you points in return, and the points can differ in accordance to their type. It is not hard at all, but really fun, and we hope you will enjoy this game, as well as get a really high score by the end of it!


Use the mouse.


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