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It is our pleasure that right now we get to invite you all back to the Ben 10 Games category from our website, since we know it to be one of the most popular categories of Cartoon Network available on our website, where you are always finding some of the best new games on the internet. While there have been all sorts of games added into this category so far, never before have we added any football games in it, so we are excited for this one, entitled Ben 10 Penalty Power. Let's teach you how to play it right here and now, so that you can get on with it immediately! Start off by choosing the alien you want to be. Well, you are going to be the first to shoot. Use the mouse to drag the ball ahead, and so aim it so that you get it past the goalkeeper and into the net. Before the timer reaches 0, try and score as many goals as possible. That is because afterwards your enemy is going to shoot, and you defend, by clicking in the direction you want to jump to catch the ball. The one who gets more goals win the match, obviously. Good luck to everyone, and have an amazing time!


Use the mouse.


Ben 10 Penalty Power Walkthrough

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