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You know that Friv Games Today offers some of the best games on the internet, which is why Toon Cup 2016, the latest game from the following categories, Cartoon Network Games, We Bare Bears Games, Adventure Time Games, The Powerpuff Girls Games, Regular Show Games and Gumball Games, has just been added for you, so that you can have the chance to take part in the most awesome football tournament on the internet. While Euro 2016 is days away, in the Cartoon Network World, the Toon Cup is the most important soccer event, where you can make yourself a team of your favorite characters, and try to win the tournament. First of all, you can choose to play a quick match, or participate in the tournament. Either way, you will have to choose the country you want to represent. After that, it is time to select your team members. First of all, you will select a captain, and then two other members to complete the team. You will select characters from all the shows we mentioned earlier. The controlls will be the following: to move the player, use the arrow keys, to tackle or pass the ball use the Z key, and last but not least, to shoot, use the X key. Do your best in each game, and make sure you score more goals than your opponent, to win the game, and hopefuly, you will advance to the finals, and win the 2016 Toon Cup!


Use the arrow keys to move the player, the Z key to tackle or pass, and the X key to power shoot.

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cartoon network cup 18.06.2017 07:45


amazing 03.04.2017 23:28

I like it because its funny

Liztbert 17.03.2017 12:24

An Amazing game

Mbuso 04.03.2017 09:00

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Rodwell Magwaya 31.01.2017 14:47

The game is good

binu 25.10.2016 10:53

if it comes fast i will like

Eliyas 03.08.2016 13:36

This is the best game i have ever played i advice everyone to play this cool game WOW WOW WOW

Jack 16.07.2016 06:41

This game is cool and you can shot a goal

albert 07.07.2016 17:19


Elwin 29.06.2016 13:23

it was awesome

mohmad zaarour 19.06.2016 12:49

amazing game

mohamad zaarour 19.06.2016 12:41

nice game

Jacques 13.06.2016 19:07

Nothing works not even the game

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