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Shell Shockers is the newest game that our administrative team has added into the IO Games category, which is a category of multiplayer games we love a lot, and in which we always love to bring you new and interesting games, something we are very happy to be able to do right now as well, since you might have played shooting games multiplayer before in this category, but trust us when we say that none of them are such as this one. That is why we are going to use the next part of the description to explain what it is you have to do, so make sure to pay attention! You start by putting in your name, choosing the type of soldier you want to be, and then you enter the room. You are going to be in the form of an egg, which you control using the WASD keys, and use the mouse to aim and shoot your gun. Do your best to take out all of the enemies in your path, because otherwise they will shoot you first, and you want to be able to survive for as long as possible. Start having fun right now, and if you want to play more awesome games, stay with us all day long, since plenty of great games will be waiting for you!


Use the WASD keys and mouse.


Shell Shockers Walkthrough

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lance .A 09.10.2018 22:02

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This game was added in 02.06.2018 09:00 and it was played 3077 times. The game from Io Games raised a rate of 62% pro votes and 38% contra votes. We have 1 commets, so if you liked the game please have your say, and don't forget that Shell Shockers it's from Io Games.