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If you love playing Fighting Games, then it is your lucky day, since in the Action Games category from our website we are now inviting you all to try out the game called Brute Arena, which is an one-on-one fighting game online where real players from all over the world face off one another in an arena, where they have to give it their best to defeat their opponents, with all of the contestants being real brutes, powerful men, from where the title of the game is inspired from. When you begin, you get to change the appearance of your fighter, and put in any nickname you want to use. How do you fight? Well, we explain right here and now, so pay attention! Well, after entering a duel, you are going to use the mouse to command your fighter to attack, or to step back and defend himself. Click in the direction you want him to go, and he will do so, attacking your opponents. The one player whose life bar is depleted first is the one to lose, so make sure that it will not be you. Good luck to everyone playing this game, and if you are up for more awesome ones, stay with us on our website all day long, and you will not be disappointed!


Use the mouse.


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