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We know that you must always be up for new motorcycle games, so our administrative team is very happy that right in this instant we can offer you all a game such as Risky Rider, which is a game with which we are positive you are going to have a really wonderful time, since we can say the same thing of our own experience with it, because we always bring games to our visitors only after having had a really cool time playing them ourselves. That is why the next part of the description explains how the game works, making it very easy for you to try it out! You are going to ride a motorcycle, with which you will be trying to reach as high as possible, and when you are in the air, to make tricks, which is going to earn you points in return, which you surely must want, right? You use the arrow keys to move your bike, and while in the air, use the following keys for tricks: space to do a whip, Z for MCMetz, X for a no hander, C for a seal grab, and V for a side flip. Try to do as many tricks as possible, and do it without crashing and losing. Good luck to everyone!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, Z,X,C,V keys.


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