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We now invite you all back for a second time today into the Naruto Games category, and not for the last time either, trust us on that, as we bring you all the game called Run Naruto, with which we are positive you are going to be having a wonderful time from beginning to end, since it is a game unlike any of the other ones we have already added into this category, and precisely for such a reason you should not miss out on this chance. Worry not about how you will perform, since the next part of the description gives you all the details you need to know about how the game works. Well, Naruto is going to run by himself, only in his path there are going to be all sorts of enemies that will pop out, five types of them, in a random order. That is why you press the 1 to 5 keys, each number key for a certain type of enemy, so that you use the correct attack to take it down. If you do not take the enemy down, but bump into it, you lose and have to start all over again. Wait no more, start having fun right now, and stay with us to play some more awesome games all day long!


Use the 1 to 5 keys.


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