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We now are very happy to be able to return to the Wild Kratts Games category, which is a category of PBS Kids Games in which new content has not been added in quite a while, so we are very happy that we can now offer you games such as this one, called Archerfish Big Rush, which is a game with which we have had a tremendous time from start to finish, precisely because it is different from all the other games previously added in this category. From this next part of the description you will learn how the game works, so do not hesitate reading it carefully to the end. Well, to move the robot with which you will shoot, you use the left and right arrow keys, or the mouse. In order to shoot, you press and hold the space bar, or the left mouse button. The more you hold it, the more power your shot will have. Your goal will be to aim and shoot the bugs down, getting points in return, but make sure to avoid anything else that are not bugs, since you might lose the game if you hit something else. Good luck to everyone, and we hope you will have a blast, just like we can say we have had!


Use the mouse.


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