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It is with great excitement that today on our website we get the chance of returning to the Fireman Games category, where we have seen these pats couple of days that you are having a wonderful time, and if that had not been the case, you can be sure that we would not have thought at all about bringing you these games in the first place. Never before have you played helicopter games in this category before, so playing Fire Helicopter will be a fresh experience. In case you want to learn how to play the game before you start, make sure you read this description in its entirety. Well, you are going to use the arrow keys in order to control your helicopter. Firstly, you are going to go in the ocean, and go down to collect water. Make sure not to crash into the water or anywhere else for that matter, because crashing means losing the game. After you have loaded up enough water, you move on and advannce, until your reach the fire, on which you then drop the water to extinguish it. Good luck to everyone, in all levels, and we hope that just like us, you will be having a great time with this game!


Use the arrow keys.


Fire Helicopter Walkthrough

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