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In the Police Games category from our website we have never before added any puzzle games, which is why we are excited that we get to do so right now, with the third and final new game from this category from today, a game that is entitled Hammer Police Puzzle, where you will be solving a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a police hammer car, which is the best type of police car, would you not agree? Weather or not you like solving puzzles, we have a feeling you will love this game totally, especially after you learn how to play it by reading this description to the end. To begin with, you choose between the sliding mode and jigsaw mode. In the sliding one, with the mouse you click on pieces to slide them into the empty slot next to them, and so shuffle them around until they fit together and form the complete picture. For the jigsaw mode, you start by choosing how many pieces you want in the game. After that, they are shuffled around, and with the mouse you pick them up and put them together, until you form a complete picture. Simple as that! You play against time, but you can have the timer removed by clicking on the T button. Good luck!


Use the mouse.


Hammer Police Puzzle Walkthrough

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