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Well, it was only a matter of time until we added shooting games into the Police Games category, which is a combination that makes a lot of sense, because police officers have firing weapons on them, which they often times use. There are all sorts of police officers, but there are some who are experts in sniping, which is what you will be doing in this new game, which is also one of the few sniping games we have, so this should be an experience not to miss out on at all. In case you want to learn how to play this game before you start, make sure to carefully read this description to the end! Well, there are going to be multiple targets that appear on the screen, which you need to shoot with your gun, and the closer that you hit them to the center, the more points you are going to get in return. If you see a hidden medal, shot it as well, since it gives you special bonuses, and they are always helpful. The targets are in multiple colors, so hit only those that are required in that level, because otherwise you are going to get penalties. Also, shoot terrorists when they appear, before they can shoot you first, since that can mean you lose the game if they shoot you too many times. Good luck!


Use the mouse.


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djd 29.09.2018 11:31

good stuff

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