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We are very happy to return on our website with more original Minecraft Games online, with Minecraft Erase and Guess being a game created by our administrative team, and not just that, but the game is a new format, which we do not believe you have seen before anywhere else, so you should get yourself ready for a fresh and new experience, which we are positive you are going to greatly enjoy, because we made the game to be so. Precisely because the format is new, allow us to explain it to you right here, so that after reading this you can get on to playing the game and having amazing fun like only here is possible! You use the mouse or touchscreen to erase the black section, and see what images hide underneath. When you are erasing, time goes faster, so try to be fast yourself. You have to guess who or what is in the image, and you select one of the four available answers, gaining points if you are correct, points which you can then use to buy super-powers. If you have no more lives, you have to start all over again. Each new level will give you less time to solve the puzzle, so move fast! The more seconds left on the clock after each level, the more points you get. Good luck to everyone, and we hope you have an amazing time, like always!


Use the mouse.


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