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Wild Wild West, like you have probably already realized, is one of the newest shooting games that our administrative team has to offer each and every one of you today into the Unblocked Games/Hacked Games categories, where we are trying our best to bring you as much awesome content as possible, because we believe that you need it, because some of you might be visiting us for a long time, so you have already played most games we have here. Well, you never played Wild Wild West, which is why we will now explain it, so that you can now what to do, and start playing the game and have fun immediately! Now, you are going to use the mouse to shoot your gun, having to get all of the cowboys you see on the screen, because if you do not shoot them quickly, they shoot at you first, and if you get shot too many times, you lose and have to start all over again. Do your best to shoot as many enemies as possible, to get a big score. When you are out of bullets, click on the bullets and then drag them into the revolver to reload. Good luck to all, and we hope that just like us, you will enjoy this game a lot!


Use the mouse.


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