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We now return to the Football Games category with a very unique take on this sport, as we are sure that you never before played any games such as Soccer Snakes here before, meaning that you are about to have a fresh and interesting experience right now, just like we are happy to say that we did as well, because that is the reason we have added it here in the first place, as we always want you to find and play interesting content. It also belongs to the 2 Players Games category, since you can play against a real player, as well as against the computer. We will now tell you more about it, so do not worry, we think you are going to do just great at it! Start by choosing between the VS CPU mode or the Player Vs Player mode. For the first one, you can have multiple modes of play: first to three goals, timed, or sudden death. Of course, in most cases, your purpose is to score more goals than the other snake. You are going to use the arrow keys and the WASD keys as well. Good luck to everyone, and we hope that just like us, you will be having a tremendous time with this game!


Use the WASD keys and arrow keys.


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