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Welcome to the page of the Garfield Games category on our website, where we have done our best to gather all the awesome games featuring this character from the internet, and offer them to you in one place! You can always have a lot of fun by playing Garfield Games¸so we want to invite you to play right now, because you will not regret it!

The Garfield Games category was created in 09.04.2017 and from there we added more than 49 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 340 times and the best game from Garfield Games it's Garfield Scary Scavenger Hunt.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 02.02.2019 which it's Garfield Spot the Difference.

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Garfield is without a doubt one of the most popular cat in the entire world, if not the most popular one, which is why we knew we needed a category of Garfield Games on our website, because if this character is popular, that only means that there must be a lot of online Garfield Games available, games that we want to share with you all on our website, and thus make sure that you have a lot of fun. Well, that is why we were eager to create this category, and we are happy that we finally did, and now we can give you the chance to play these awesome games, games we have no doubt at all that you will really enjoy playing. We do not think that there are many of you here who do not know who Garfield is, because almost any child has heard of this character at leaste once, even if he or she had not seen him. Garfield has been around since 1978, with the character being first introduced to the world in the form of the comic strip with the same name, which is how this character came into the world, with the comics still being created to this day, and they are really popular because of their lack of social or political commentary, which is often seen in many comic strips. Despite newspapers not being around as much, it seems that the comics still prevailed, and we are very happy that they are still running. Of course, we realize that the kids who come to this website to play Garfield Games probably do not know the character from the comic strips, but rather from the animated series, the live-action movies, or the animated movies. The latest tv show revolving around this character is The Garfirled Show, now airing on Boomerang, although no new episodes have been produced in a while, with the show being on hiatus. Of course, before it, there were multiple animated shows based on the comics released, so we know that not only children know these characters, but most probably their parents to as well. Another reason why you might have visited this category of Garfield Games that you now find yourself in is that you have watched the two live-action movies of Garfield, Garfield: The Movie, in 2004, and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, which were two live-action movies where Garfield was brought to life through CGI, and with the iconic voice of Bill Murray, one of the most beloved actors in the entire world. While the movies were not critical darlings, they were highly successful in terms of box-office, and we know for sure that they are still aired today, either on television, or on the different streaming services worldwide, so we are certain that children get to familiarize themselves with this character generation after generation, which is what keeps Garfield in the spotlight! Of course, the main reason why he is so popular and Garfield Games are still popular to this day is definitely the fact that he is just an amazing character, which children and parents alike seem to enjoy watching. Garfield is a fat orange cat, who is lethargic, as he does not want to do anything all day, and he is really grumpy as well. Oh, and one thing that he is famous for is that his favorite food in the world is lasagna. He does not really like anyone else except his owner Jon, who also has a dog, called Odie, with whom he does not get along. Of course, that is natural, since cats and dogs are natural born enemies, but Odie is a nice dog who is really friendly to Garfield, even though the cat does not always treat him great. Regarding the Garfield Games that you will be able to find and play on our website, you will be able to find all sorts of them here. Puzzle games, word search games, coloring games, skill games, dress up games, hidden objects games, memory games, differences games, and so many others. No matter which games from this page you are going to play, we have no doubt at all that you will enjoy them greatly, and always discover something new and awesome to do on this page. If you have never played games with Garfield before, we definitely invite you to do so right now, and if you have, we invite you to browse this page to find the games that you haven’t, and check them out right away, because you will enjoy them a lot as well, just like you did the others! Since we have told you all we wanted about the Garfield Games category, we can now only invite you once more to start playing the games, and wish you all a really wonderful time on this page!