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GTA it's one of the biggest franchises from America with 5 big titles of games and more that 10 series of games. Here you cand drive cars, helicopter, motors and a lot more. You can be whatever you want, a doctor, mechanic, cop, fireman, and so on.

The GTA Games category was created in 08.02.2016 and from there we added more than 41 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2361 times and the best game from GTA Games it's GTA Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.09.2019 which it's Grand Shift Auto.

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Welcome to our newst game category specially for boys where them will find games from Rockstars. Here you will have the biggest collection of games with GTA characters named GTA Games. The GTA abbreviation comes from Grand Theft Auto a big seris of games for PC, consoles, Game Boy and a lot more. The series of games become well know after they published Grand Theft Auto III or 3, the first 3D first person shooter games where you are in a artificial world. Here we will try to have the best and the ultimates friv gta games with Niko! Most often the action from the games where placed in citys like San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and so on. The first 2 titles from Rockstar Games were with 2D graphics and from GTA 3 3D graphics. If you played this game on PC i'm sure you know that this title have a lot of violent content, so it's not recomended for little boys. The ultimate game from this publisher it's GTA 5 V but the most played GTA from all the time it's San Andreas where we meet a lot of strange characters like Shaddy Creek, OZN, Big foot, Yeti, Darky and a lot of more intresting content. The games form this category are often find in a open world where you can do what you want, you can go where you want with a car, bycicle, truck, helicopter and other machines. In continuation you will find the title games chronological. So the first game it's GTA 1 and the release date was back in 1997 where you was in a city like London. The second title was GTA 2 relesed in 1999 where the action was predicted to be happening in 2013. One of the most played title form Rockstar was GTA 3 released in 2001 with the principal character named Claude Speed. The action from this game it was supposed to be happening in 2001. From this game they were branched GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GRA GBA, GTA Libery City Stories and GTA Vice Stories. Playing on you will find the newst games like gta online for free! In each day we will try to give you the best and the ultimate games so that you can play and have fun here! Another big title form Rockstar was GTA 4 launched in 2008 wheer Nikolai "Niko" Bellic was the main character. The action it is supposed to happen in 2007 and the graphics are just amazing. From this game we have 3 new series, GTA The Lost & Damned, GTA Chinatown Wars and GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony. The ultimate and the best gta game it's GTA V - Gran Thef Auto 5, launched in 2013/2014. The action from game it's happening in 2013 and it's going on in Los Santos and Baline County. So, if you are a gta fan, you can play the ultimate and the best games on! What you think about it?