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Welcome to Hacked Games, a brilliant category of games including lots of unblocked games online which you should not be missing out on for anything in the world, all of them being diverse and interesting, so we hope that you will be checking out as many of the games on this page as you can!

The Hacked Games category was created in 15.12.2017 and from there we added more than 18 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 72 times and the best game from Hacked Games it's Max Fury Death Racer.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.10.2018 which it's Hell Cops Unblocked.

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Hacked Games is a very special category of online games we have on our website, one that does not resemble any of the other categories we have had here in the past, and that is important, because it is very important to have diversity, and our website has always been proud of that, and we have no doubt at all that this is one of the main reasons why our website is visited daily by so many of you, and the new games that we add here every day are played not once, but many times over. Like we said, Hacked Games online is not a category like any other we have on our website, and we are sure that you are very curious why that is, and of course we are going to fullfil your curiosity, since we want to be sure that you get interested in the games on this page, and that you are going to give them a go at least once. Now, in the world of online gaming, there are plenty of websites who not only get games from other places and share them on their websites for their visitors to play them, but they also create original games. Well, some creators do not want their games to be played on any other websites, so they make sure to put in some code that redirects back to their home page, or it simply blocks them and you cannot play them even if you wanted to. It is quite a shame, since the world of online games is all about sharing, and everyone trying out as many awesome games as possible. That is where categories such as Hacked Games come into place. There are people who are able to take those codes out, and then make sure that the game is possible to be played on any other website that they have been added to. You will usually find these games with their title, and then the word hacked added after it. Now, we are sure that there are plenty of children who search for games they are not able to play, and so, they can now find them on the Hacked Games page of our website, where we are going to make sure to bring you this kind of content, so that you are able to play your favorite games to your heart’s content! Now, in the next part of this description, our administrative team is going to tell you some of the titles of the games you will be able to play for free on this page of Hacked Games, and we are sure that solely from their titles you are going to be very interested, and that you are going to then play them and see how fun they are yourself. Now, some of the games on this page include: Stickman Leage 1.1 Hacked, Strikeforce Kitty Leage Hacked, Mad Day 2: Revenge Hacked, Swords Soul Hacked, Paris Rex Hacked, Rubble Trouble Moscow hacked, Mighty Knight 2 Hacked, Battle Force Hacked, Helicrane Hacked, Witch Hunt Hacked, Decision 3 Hacked, Zombie Incursion Hacked, Sentry Knight 2 Hacked, Clash of Golbins Hacked, Raze 3 Hacked, and many, many others. As you can see, the Hacked Games category includes action games, adventure games, strategy games, knights games, zombie games, helicopter games, dinosaurs games, skill games, battle games, and many others, so it is a diverse page, on which we are sure that our visitors are going to be able to find games to their liking, weather we are talking about girls or boys, no matter what their age is. Trust us when we say that you might have surprises from this category, so we are sure that even if you pick games to play on this page randomly, you are going to find something you enjoy, and without a doubt you will be thankful you took the chance and gave the games a try. Well, we really hope that with everything that we have written here we have caught your curiosity about this amazing category, and the first thing that you will be doing after finishing reading this description is to give a game from this page a chance, and have fun like it is possible only on our website. Because it is possible to have such huge amounts of fun only on our website, we really hope that all of you are going to be telling your friends about, where, in addition to Hacked Games, we have hundreds of other amazing categories, and thousands of games, all of them curated by our administrative team, so even with closed eyes you can pick a game from our roaster, and have fun with it! Try to visit us daily, since tens of new games are added every day, and you do not want to miss that!