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You are all now welcomed over to the Handy Manny Games category, which is a category of Disney Junior Games we are very happy we created, as we believe we have made it the best possible version of it, so there is no point at all in you trying to find these games somwhere else, since you are already in the best place for them!

The Handy Manny Games category was created in 05.10.2018 and from there we added more than 19 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 215 times and the best game from Handy Manny Games it's School for Tools The Right Tool for the Job.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 19.10.2018 which it's Hop Up Jump In.

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Right at this moment you find yourself on the page of our Handy Manny Games category, which is one of the many amazing categories of Disney Junior Games we are tremendously happy to share with you all, since we want to make sure our website is as developed as possible, and in order to make that true we have to constantly create new and interesting categories, and if they also have a lot of games in them, like it is the case now, then that makes things even better! We know that the only way you are going to keep coming back to our website, where we offer great content for you all, is if we create categories as interesting as this one, which is clearly the case. This is an animated show that has been around for more than a decade now, and despite the fact that new episodes for it are not being made, re-runs of it are still airing, and not just in the US, but in many countries all over the world, so we are sure that there are going to be lots and lots of children who will be interested in playing these games, in addition to the thousands of other great games we have at our disposal. It is not at all surprising for us that the show is a hit, since it has great animation, lovely characters, interesting adventures to show, and not just that, but it is not just a fun show, but it is educational at the same time, so no doubt about it, these are the main things that have drawn so many children over to it. If you are already fans of the show, it means that you have come to our page of Handy Manny Games because you wanted to play these games, and knew that our website was the best place for it, and that is certainly how things are. For the rest of you, who might not be familiar with the show, you can still easily play the games, even so, trust us on that, since they remain really enjoyable! If you don’t want to enter them just like that, though, and you want to learn more about them, then you are invited to read this article to the end, because in the next part of it we are going to tell you what the show is about, who are the main characters, and when we are done with these things, we tell you what kinds of online Handy Manny Games are made available to you on this page, so there is no way at all that after reading this all, the next thing you will want to do will not be to play them! Sheetrock Hills is the name of the fictional town that the show takes place in and follows Handy Manny, who, just like his name suggests, is a handyman, meaning that he is good at repairing everything, from construction work, plumbing, gardening, electric items, and more. He owns a repair shop, and there he has lots of tools available, tools that can talk and think like humans. In most of the episodes, someone comes to Manny’s repair shop, where they ask him for help with something that they need repaired, and he does his best to find the solution, using his trusty tools. Of course, the problems sometimes do not have anything to do with actual repairing physical items, but still, Manny is there to help, like all members of a town or city should help the other members in it. This is why the show teaches children about helping others, and the importance of friendship. Now, let’s tell you all about what kinds of free Handy Manny Games you will be able to play here, no? A great thing about this category is that it is quite diverse, as it is going to include hidden objects games, coloring games, skill games, repair games, motorcycle games, adventure games, puzzle games, differences games, dress up games, and even more, so there is no way you are not going to find at least a game to your liking on this page, although the number is sure to be even bigger! You can’t know if you like these games until you try them, that’s for sure, so we hope that for anything in the world, you at least give one game a chance! That is everything we wanted you to know regarding this category, so we hope that there will be nothing holding you back from playing these games at once, and having fun as we believe is only possible on our website! Check out some of our other categories too, since you are bound to find something you like at once!