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If you were looking on the internet for Harry and Bunnie Games and were dissapointed about not finding any, well, that changes right now, because on you have the chance to play the most awesome Harry and Bunnie Games on the internet, games which we recommend to each and any one of you, any time!

The Harry and Bunnie Games category was created in 21.09.2016 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 3 times and the best game from Harry and Bunnie Games it's Harry and Bunnie 5 Differences.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 11.10.2016 which it's Danger and Thunder Train Rescue.

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A brand new category of Disney Channel Games that we want to share with you all on our website right now is the Harry and Bunnie Games category, which we have created with you and your fun in mind, knowing very well that by playing these games you can have a really awesome time, which is something true for all the games on our website, which you should visit daily, if you want to have non-stop fun! Now, american audiences, and frankly, people from other countries as well might be wondering what is with this category, and why should they play Harry and Bunnie Games? They never heard of this show before. Well, that is pretty accurate, because Harry and Bunnie is a Disney Channel show, but it currently airs only in Asian countries on this channel, and it hasn't yet been exported to North American or any other english-speaking teritorry. Still, whether you are from Asia and are already a fan of the show and you watch it regularly, or you are not from Asia and have never heard of the show before, we still recommend you start playing Harry and Bunnie Games right away, and we are sure that you won't get bored for even one second! Don't belive us? Well, after you are done reading this description and learn about the premise of the show and what are the kinds of games that you can find on this page, we are sure that you will agree with us instantly. Harry is a stage magician, and Bunnie is his assistant, who, obviously, is a bunny. They go to the magic school, where they do all sorts of fun activities. While they have a close relationship, the two don't really get along. Harry conceives all sorts of plan to get his magic wand back from Bunnie, but Bunnie, usually more cunning, uses the wand to stop Harry's plans, and get him in trouble with the principal, who immediately assumes Harry is to blame, even though Bunnie was responsible. One interesting fact about this dynamic duo is that despite the fact that Bunnie is a bunny and assistant to Harry, apparently, he is way more skilled at magic tricks than Harry. So, do you see why we think the show is really awesome, then? Well, we knew that we would convince you by this part of the description, so we are now going to continue by giving you a sneak-peek of the Harry and Bunnie Games you will be able to play. So far, you can only play a differences finding game with images from this show, but in time, especially after the show gets to more countries, we are sure that the number of games and it's diversity is only going to get bigger. Frankly, that's all we had about the Harry and Bunnie Games category, so for us, the only thing left to do is to invite you to start playing the games on this page right now, and have a total awesome time!