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Come and play Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games or Historietas Assombradas Jogos on our website right now, where you are going to have the chance of having lots and lots of fun with these games, which we know for having played them ourselves, as we only bring you games that we enjoyed and which we recommend from the bottom of our hearts!

The Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games category was created in 07.03.2018 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 0 times and the best game from Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games it's In Search of Peponitas.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 09.03.2018 which it's Halloween for Hungry Children.

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Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games/ Historietas Assombradas Jogos is our newest category of Cartoon Network Games from the website, with it being a special category with which we are making our way into more international releases, as we want our website to be as global and world-wide as possible, which is something we actually tell you in each category that we make. Well, this time we have turned our eyes towards Latin America, where there are plenty of original and interesting shows, some of which have also been dubbed into English and aired outside their original country as well, so we think that it was a good decision for us to create these categories, and not only that, but we are sure that we are going to draw in even more people towards our website, people who are going to be very happy to get the chance of playing such games, with some of their favorite characters. We wanted to start with Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games because the show that these games are based upon, called Historietas Assombradas in it’s original language, has become the best and most viewed series of Cartoon Network in Brazil even exceeding the original productions of the channel which also air internationally, so considering that this is one of the biggest hits animation has in this country, it was only fair that we would start with it, with another reason for that being that there are also more than one Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games, and we have no doubt at all that this category is going to become one of the best ones that we have in no time at all. Well, if you have already been watching this show, weather because you are from Brazil or another Portugese country, or maybe you have caught the episodes in English on your television or on the internet, then you are not going to waste any time, but instead start playing Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games at once, and have fun from start to end! On the other hand, if reading this is the first time that you are stepping into this universe, then you might want to learn more about this world before you start playing the games that we have added here, so in that case, keep on reading this description, where we are going to tell you about the plot and characters of the show, after which we are also going to tell you about the many amazing online games from the series, which we are sure you are going to find simply delightful. Pepe is the name of the main character, with him being a boy, a wicked one at that, who lives in a dark mansion together with his grandmother, who is a witch that sells potions and artifacts on the internet. Well, Pepe, together with his friends, Marilu, Roberto, Guto and Gastón, have all sorts of interesting and weird supernatural adventures in each episode of the series, since Pepe’s grandmother sends him to deliver the wierd things she is selling, which go to wierd people or creatures, which is where the adventures come from, and there is always something new and spooky to be experienced in this incredible world. The stories, the amazing characters, the really well-made animation and everything in between is what made this series such a hit, and we are very happy and not surprised at all. We have also found that Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids Games are also quite special and fun to play, so we are going to tell you more about them right now. Well, the category currently has two games in it, and in each of them you are going to go on all sorts of interesting and supernatural advenures, where you should follow the instructions that you receive on-screen, if you do not want to fail. Well, that’s what we really wanted you to know regarding this series, so we really hope that with everything that we have written here, we have convinced you that it is totally worth your time to be playing these games, and we hope that the next thing you do is going to be exactly that. After that, we hope that you will not stop here, but you are also going to tell your friends about these games, share them with them, and maybe tell them about the many other brilliant games we have on our website, all of which we recommend, so we hope that when you are done playing the games on this page, the next thing you do is check out our thousands of other games, and give them a chance, and since you have had fun with these ones, there is no way at all you will not enjoy those ones as well!