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On our website we are very proud of the Hidden Objects Games category that we have here, which we are sure you are loving as well, where you get to find all of these games that have been previously been scattered all over the website, in addition to lots of original games, so we recommend you check the page out, and see how much fun awaits you!

The Hidden Objects Games category was created in 31.07.2018 and from there we added more than 165 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 8 times and the best game from Hidden Objects Games it's Hidden Objects Superthief.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.12.2019 which it's Fantasy Patrol Hidden Scenes.

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  • Total games: 165

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Visitors of Friv Games Today, welcome to Hidden Objects Games, a brilliant category of games we are very happy to have created for our website, as we have a feeling that it is going to be one of the most popular categories on our website. Categories are always stronger compared to just games being spread around, and since we have had lots of Hidden Objects Games scattered in multiple categories on our website, we thought we would make it easier for fans of such games to find them, so the page has been created, and you can now find all games with this format in one place, making it easier than ever for you to have fun! This is a practice we have had on our website for a long time now, and we are positive that this is just one of the many reasons why so many children decide to visit our website again and again, in search of the best new content on the internet! Hidden Objects Games have been popular on the internet for a very long time, and we are not at all surprised, since the format is quite easy to be made, and to be tried out as well, so we are not surprised that many developers want to create such games, and that there are so many children wanting to play them as well. If there had not been children wanting to play them, then surely these games would not be created all the time like they are, right? For us, it is a category we are very proud of, which is why we hope that as few as possible are going to not check it out, and it is quite a shame for those who do not try these games out. We also highly doubt that there are many children out there who have not played at least one such game in their life. Why would you not want to play more? In the following part of the description we are now going to tell you more about what kinds of online Hidden Objects Games for free you are going to be able to find on this page, as well as how they usually work, so if you are not used to playing games like this, you can learn very well about them from this, and then start having fun with the said games immediately! Well, in these games, you usually get a picture, which can be of different things. There are many games that are based on television shows, movies, video games, and other media, and each level depicts another picture taken from that piece of media. These are usually the most found around the internet, and always seem to prove quite popular. Of course, there are then games where you have pictures of landscape, cars, items, celebrities, airplanes, houses, animals, countries, and more, so the category can be quite a diverse one, that’s for sure! Usually, in these pictures, you have several items that are not supposed to be in it, and which can be listed on the top and bottom of the game screen. What you need to do is look around the picture, and when you spot one of the items, click on it, which does not only remove it from the picture, but grants you points in return as well. Usually, clicking where there are no hidden objects means losing some of your points, so be careful. Also, in most of the games, when moving the mouse over the image, you move a magnifying glass, which helps you see the picture up close, which helps you in finding the items quicker. In most games, you are either playing against time, or are being timed, so being fast is also an important aspect if you want to get a lot of points. Of course, the format can differ from game to game, but usually, this is what these games are all about, and we are sure that if you concentrate, you are going to do a great job at each and every one of them. Now, since we have told you everything that we wanted regarding this category of friv Hidden Objects Games, what are you waiting for? Why would you not start having fun with the games at once, like only on our website is possible to do? We also invite you to check out the many other great games we have on our website, as we have some of the best games on the internet available here, none of them to be missed out on, for sure! Come back daily to our website, since every day we come here with lots of great new games, and if you want to have fun daily, then this is the place to be!