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Come and play Hobo Games online right here, on, where we have made sure that all of the games in this series can be easily found, to ensure that you can have a great and fun time, for free, and very easily, like it is possible only on our website!

The Hobo Games category was created in 11.10.2017 and from there we added more than 7 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 172 times and the best game from Hobo Games it's Hobo 7: Heaven.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 13.10.2017 which it's Hobo 7: Heaven.

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The Hobo Games category is one of the newest categories of games we have created for our website, one we are certain you did not get the chance to find on many other websites, which is what made us created. We have seen that all of these awesome Hobo Games, which are no less than seven at the moment, are all spread randomly on the internet, so we thought it would be a great idea to create a category, a single page on our website where fans of the franchise can find all of the Hobo Games in one place, and to make it easier for those who have no knowledge of the series to find these games, because we are sure that it is going to take only one game for them to get hooked on the series, after which they are going to try all of them, having the best possible time, only on our website. It was definitely the case for us all, which is why we knew we had to create the Hobo Games, so that we could share the great times we had playing the games with you all, which is what we are trying to do with all categories on our website. The fact that the games we bring here are usually received very well, and played quite a lot of times, makes us confident in creating more categories, and bringing you more games, especially like the ones we have been adding recently. As you may have noticed, we recently began creating all sorts of categories of games, categorie which are not based on shows or films, but are instead original, as they are made especially for the children on the internet wanting to play diverse and unique online games. We have seen that the Hobo Games series has seven games, which means that it is very popular, because if the first game would have not been well received, a second one would not have been made, and so forth. It is not surprising, since it is quite a unique category, so we don’t think most of you have played any similar games. Exactly because of that, we are going to use this next part of the description to tell you more about the games, because you might not have played any of them before, and this knowledge is going to certainly help you play the games more easily, and having a lot more fun than going in without knowing a thing. The games can be played in three levels of difficulty: easy, normal, and hard. Like the title of the series says, these games are focused on a hobo, which is a homeless person, the role of which you are going to play. To control the movement of the character you will use the four arrow keys, and you are going to use W,A,S,D in order to attack or defend yourself. That is because you will go on a journey where along the way you will find all sorts of people wanting to harras and beat you, like policemen, gargabe men, and all sorts of other people. What it is you have to do is avoid as much of their beating as possible, but instead beat them up until their health bars are depleted. They will be trying to do the same to you, so do not let that happen. Of course, depending on which level of difficulty you chose when you started the game, the fights are going to be harder or easier, but if you give it your best, we are sure that you will have no problems at all. Well, if you read all of this, now you are going to definitely be prepared to start the games on this page, and we have no doubt at all that you will have an incredible time, just like we had, because otherwise we would not have brought you these games in the first place. Now, with all of this, we have told you everything that we wanted about the Hobo Games category, so hopefully, after reading these lines, you want more than ever to play the games, and that is what you will do! Of course, we also recommend that you visit other categories on our website, because we have made sure to create lots of them, of all kinds, so no matter where you are from, your age or your gender, you are guaranteed to find games to your liking on, where fun literally never stops, which is what makes our website so loved by it’s visitors, visitors who make sure to come back daily, because they know that if they want to play the latest and best games on the internet, they can do it right here!