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Only on can you now find and play the awesome Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games, which is based on an upcoming Netflix show continuing the adventures of Tip and Oh from the movie Home, from 2015. All the Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games here are worth it, so pick up whichever you want to, and play it right now!

The Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games category was created in 30.06.2016 and from there we added more than 15 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 31 times and the best game from Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games it's B-Aliens Refit Car.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 24.08.2018 which it's Slushious Create and Paint.

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We continue expanding the list of categories which are based on Netflix shows, with this latest additions, the Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games category, which is another great category that we encourage everyone to check out immediately, only here, on, because you will be able to find many interesting and fun games for children and teens alike to play and enjoy! Now, you might find the title of the show familiar, and that is because the show is a continuation of the 2015 animated film Home, by Dreamworks Studios, which unfortunately, was not a great hit at the box-office. That means that no film sequel will probably ever be created, but happily for all those who watched the film and enjoyed it, on July 29, on Netflix, Home Adventures with Tip and Oh, the sequel animated show will begin streaming, and you will be able to watch more adventures of your favorite characters. Of course, it does not matter even if you haven't watched the film or are a fan of it, because the show and the Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games category is highly accessible to all of you, and you can play the games with no worries, even if you haven't seen the movie or the show. In order to help you out, in the following lines of the description we are going to try to outline the main plot and premise of the film, as well as the show, and if after you are done reading all this, you are not convinced to play Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games, then we don't know what will convince you! An alien race known as the Boov came to Earth, because they were on the run from a planet destroyer, and they made it their home. They did that by relocating the humans, which the aliens deem inferior, and they moved into the cities and the great ares to live on Earth. It was a friendly invasion, and nobody got hurt, except the feelings of people like Tip, the protagonist of the film. During the invasion, she was separeted from her mother, so she came to the city in look for her, and because of this, Tip has a great hatred for the Boov. Among the alien race, we follow the second protagonist, an alien called Oh, who is not liked by his peers, because he is more freethinking, and he is very excitable. Because Oh is on the run from his own race, after accidentally inviting every race in the galaxy to Earth, even the enemies of the Boov, he and Tip have to gang up together, and try to learn to accept each other, learn from their mistakes, and they are going to do all these things by having a great adventure. In the show, we see the two being friends now, and dealing with life in this new Earth which is inhabited by both humans and aliens. We are sure that you will enjoy all the Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games on this page, starting with Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Coloring, the first game based on the show. In addition to Home Adventures with Tip and Oh Games, we will also have Home Movie Games, based on the film, so the category will be diverse, and full of interesting games for all of you!