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It is only on our website that you can find the best Hotel Games on the internet, that you can be sure of, so we hope that none of you right now miss out on the opportunity of playing these games, and we recommend them to you even if you are not used to playing them, since we believe they will still be a great time for you to have!

The Hotel Games category was created in 14.09.2018 and from there we added more than 34 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 37 times and the best game from Hotel Games it's Innkeeper.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 07.02.2019 which it's Habbo Clicker.

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Right now on Friv Games Today you are finding yourself on the Hotel Games category from our website, a category of games we believe is slowly but surely going to become one of the most popular ones that we have here, with the reason for that being that we believe the games are all of high-quality, easy to play, and we have noticed that there is interest in them from all over the world, so no doubt about it you are going to have a brilliant time, as we recommend you try out our Hotel Games even if you have never played one. New and fresh experiences are always great to have, and how do you know that you will not enjoy playing these games plenty? Without trying, you might never find out if that is the case! Now, we also believe this category to be important because these are games that we know have been available on the internet for a long time, even ten years ago has been such games available, and we have no doubt at all that to this day new ones are being created, and whenever a new and cool such game appears on the internet, you can rest assured that firstly you are going to find it on our website, since we are always up to date with the best and latest content on the internet. If we were not, we would not be able to offer you such cool experiences, no? Hotels, if you do not know, are buildings that come in all shapes and sizes, although hotels are usually on the larger scale, compared to motels, or inns, for example. They have multiple floors, all with rooms, and they are used by people for staying, only not for staying in them permanently, although that is an option for some rich people. If you have business in a certain city or place, or if you are simply visiting, chances are very high you are going to look for a hotel, and you go there to sleep and stay. Some hotels have pools, most of them have room service, meaning you can order in your room food and drinks, most hotels have a dining room and restaurant to eat, parking spaces, and more. The prices of the room alternate depending on how big and how many facilities they have. Usually, there is a penthouse or master suite, at the top of the hotel, which is the most expensive and reserved only for important people. Hotels have plenty of workers, from managers to maids, to bus boys, to receptionists, and more. By playing online Hotels Games, you get the opportunity of playing many of these roles, which is something that a child could not do in real life, so this is the next best thing, and we consider it to be very awesome. Since the category can be quite diverse, we are going to take the time and space to use the following part of this description and explain to you what kinds of games you will be able to find here, and something tells us that after reading about how great they are, you will want to give them a chance right away! The ones you are going to find most on this page are without a doubt hotel management games, which are games where you are the manager of the hotel, so you make sure that people are welcomed appropriately, you take them to their room, provide them with everything they need, and it is important to always make money by keeping your clients satisfied. Why? Well, to upgrade your hotel and make it better day by day. These are sometimes also called hotel simulation games, by the way. Hotel cleaning games are also available, where you make sure that the rooms and halls of the hotels stay clean, as people would not enter them otherwise. Even hotel building games can be found, where you built such a building from the bottom to the top. Of course, hotel serving games are also found quite often, since in them you usually serve clients at the restaurants of the hotels. Of course, plenty of things can happen in hotels, so imagine adventure games, action games, skill games, and more will also be available here! Since we have told you all of these things about Hotel Games on our website, the only thing remaining for you to do is to actually play them, which is something we hope you will be doing right away, and we hope that you have a great time with these games like all other games here! Remember to come back daily, since you don’t know when new games are added to this category since we are always making sure our website stays fresh!