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If you love teenage soap operas, then I am Frankie Games will be a category that you will enjoy 100%! Frankie is a robot girl living with human teenagers, and by playing I am Frankie Games you will join her incredible world of fun and adventures, and we are sure that you will have a great time playing them all!

The I am Frankie Games category was created in 31.05.2016 and from there we added more than 20 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 97 times and the best game from I am Frankie Games it's I Am Frankie The iBot Challenge.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 14.09.2019 which it's I Am Frankie Make a Scene.

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We are very happy to be the first website to bring you I am Frankie Games online, which is the latest Nickelodeon Games category created for our website, where we always want to be up to date with all the new and fun games based on the most recent shows on your favorite networks, so that you will be able to find many interesting games on our website! I am Frankie Games is a very special category, as at the moment we wrote this description, the show is already a hit in Latin America, but it has yet to start airing on american television. Well, it was announced anyway, so we are sure that once I am Frankie starts to air on Nickelodeon, you will be here right away, looking to play I am Frankie Games, which you will only be able to do on! The original title of the show is Yo soy Franky, which is the direct translation of I am Frankie. Who is Frankie? Well, this question and many other questions you may have about the I am Frankie Games category will all be answered for you right here, in this description, where we plan to offer you all the information you need and want to know. Frankie might seem like a regular high-school girl, but she is far from that, as she is in fact a robot girl, but who has been created to be just like a normal girl. She was made by scientist Sofia Andrade, who has a husband named Wilson Andrade, and together they have a daugher named Clara. Once Franky was completed, she was sent to high-school to live with the humans, so that her progress and her development can be observed, and so that we can see how a robot will manage in the human world. Franky, of course, will have to hide this secret from all her new friends, while dealing with love rivals, love interests, and with her new family. There are other interesting characters like a very inteligent girl who is always on the verge of discovering Frankie's secret, or a scientist who wants to replicate the results of Frankie, who thinks that he is haunted by bad luck. I am Frankie will show us all that even if you are different, you can integrate yourself into this world, make friends, go on fun and interesting adventures. Even if you are a robot, just like Frankie. We hope that the I am Frankie Games category will be to your liking, and that you are going to enjoy playing the games here. We think that I am Frankie will be a hit amongst american audiences just like with latin americans, because teenage soap operas turned out to become more and more popular in the recent years, and I am Frankie has all the ingredients for a great show. Well, with no more for us to say, we invite you to start playing I am Frankie Games on our website right now, and you will have so much fun, that you will be on our website every day, trying to find new I am Frankie Games, which we will offer for you!