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You are now on the page of the iCarly Games category, which is without a doubt one of the biggest and one of the best categories of Nickelodeon Games we happily share with you all. There are so many fun and amazing iCarly Games to be played in this category, that you should start playing them right now, and waste no time at all!

The iCarly Games category was created in 05.03.2017 and from there we added more than 52 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 225 times and the best game from iCarly Games it's The Ultimate iCarly Game.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.01.2018 which it's Nick Star Spotlight: Carly Shay.

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On, you will always be able to find the best games on the entire internet, which is why right now you find yourself on the page of the iCarly Games category, which is without a doubt one of the best categories of Nickelodeon Games that we have on our website, which we have our complete trust in that it is going to provide countless of children with immense amounts of fun if they play the games on this page, something which we hope to be true for all of the games that we have on our website, actually. Our administrative team is trying to make sure that all of the shows that Nickelodeon has had to offer over the years get their own categories of games on our website, since we know that there are many kids all over the world interested in playing these games. That means that not only the series that are currently airing on the network will get their categories made, but also shows that have been off the air, or are just running as re-runs. One of the shows that is in constant re-runs on this network ever since it has stopped producing new episodes is iCarly, which was one of the flagship series from the network during the five years that it was running, from 2007 to 2012, and has made stars of the actors in it. Even now, five years after the show has finished, it is still pretty popular, as it is still airing all over the world, so we are certain that there is a lot of interest in playing iCarly Games, something which we hope that all of those who are reading this description right now are going to do. Of course, if you have searched the internet or our website for these iCarly Games, then that means that your goal was to find them, which means that you will jump straight at the chance of playing the games, and start having fun immediately. It is those who have reached this page by mistake, or by curiosity, and not know much about this show that we hope to convince to give these iCarly Games, because they are definitely worth it. Of course, the best way to convince yourself about that is by starting to play the games immediately, but, if you want to first learn some things about it before you check out the games, then that can be done. If you keep reading this description, you are going to find out about the premise of the show, the main characters that are depicted, and of course, when we finish with these things, we will tell you about the many iCarly Games on our website, because this is one of the most diverse categories, featuring games for everyone and all tastes! We are going to start right now, so pay a lot of attention, because you are about to enter an incredible world! Carly and Sam, the two main characters of the show, are two best friends who are taped during their audition at a talent contest at school by their friend Freddie, who posts the video online, and it becomes viral. Because internet audiences want more of the girls, they start an online show, called iCarly. They do all sorts of interesting, diverse, and wacky things in their show, and they have to learn to mix their lives as internet celebrities with their normal lives as teenagers, who have to deal with things like school, friends, or love, and growing up. With a premise like this, and the strong chemistry between the actors and characters, it is no wonder at all that the show become a hit, and that so many awesome iCarly Games have been produced. We are now going to tell you about some of them, so make sure that you keep reading the description and find out! You will play puppet games, surfing games, serving games, pinball games, maze games, all sorts of skill games, fishing games, quiz games, and many, many others. We don't have enough space to tell you about all the games included here, so you should browse this page, and find them yourself, as we are sure you will be satisfied with your discoveries. Now you know about the show, the characters, and the games, so the next step for you to take is to begin playing our iCarly Games right now, and let the fun provided by them start right now, because there is no time to be wasted when it comes to having fun! We can only wish you good luck at any of the games you play in this category, and not only, because our website is filled with so many awesome categories, that the fun never stops!