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The Invisible Sister Games category was created in 18.04.2016 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 20 times and the best game from Invisible Sister Games it's Invisible Sister Memory.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 09.01.2018 which it's House of Haunts.

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Welcome to the Invisible Sister Games category on Friv Games Today, the only website where you have a dedicated team that makes sure you have many fun games at your disposal, which is exactly why we have decided to also create the Invisible Sister Games 2016 category, which is one of the latest Disney Channel Games categories, and the category is based upon a Disney Channel original television movie, with the same title, Invisible Sister. This movie premiered in October of 2015, and since then it has become really popular, because it was aired other times too, and many kids, and especially girls have really enjoyed watching this film. Well, we also know that you are going to enjoy playing Invisible Sister Games, because there are a couple of very interesting games in this category, which we are sure that you will love playing. Now, becuase we want to convince you to play these fun games, even if you have not seen the movie before, we are going to explain to you the premise of the film, so that you have a general ideea about it, which will be helpful when you are going to play the games in the category. The film focuses on two sisters, as you have probably guessed already, and the sisters are called Cleo and Molly. They are two very different girls, despite the fact that they are sisters, which is also noticeable based on the popularity and the status of the two girls in high school. Cleo, is a very good student when it comes to grades and studying, but is also introverted, and she can be at times sarcastic or even cynical. Unfortunately for her, she keeps living in the shadow of her sister, Molly, who is one of the most popular girls in the entire school, while Cleo is barely known on campus. Cleo, because she is very smart, has been given a special assignement from her science teacher, to research invisibility. While her sister is having a party at their house, Cleo manages to make a moth invisible, a moth which then runs away. It gets back, and falls in a cup of juice which Molly drinks, and she then becomes invisible. It seems that the roles of the two sisters have reversed, as Molly is now invisible in the scientific sense of the word. Having this experience, Molly can now learn how her sister feels, which will make the bond between them stronger, and it will also result in a fun-filled movie with lots of interesting things that will happen. Sounds very interesting, right? Interesting are also the Invisible Sister Games which we will add for you in this category, where you will find fun games like puzzle games, memory games, or others. Well, with the information that we have given you here, we hope that we convinced you that it is worth it to play the wonderful Invisible Sister Games on our website, and we hope that you will be doing that just as you finish this description. Now, have fun playing Invisible Sister Games on our website, or any other game we have, because they are all awesome!