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You can now have a great time playing Jamie's Got Tentacles Games, only on, where we have made sure to create games based on this show, so that all it's fans can now play with their favorite characters! Even if you are not a fan, we recommend the Jamie's Got Tentacles Games on this page nonetheless, because by playing them you will have a great time, guaranteed!

The Jamie's Got Tentacles Games category was created in 07.07.2016 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 24 times and the best game from Jamie's Got Tentacles Games it's Jamies Got Tentacles Quiz.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 21.07.2016 which it's Jamies Got Tentacles Quiz.

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Our website is always bringing you all the latest categories for all the latest cartoons and shows for kids, so it's no suprise that on we have now created the Jamie's Got Tentacles Games category, a brand new category that we are very happy to say that we currently offer exclusively, so if you have reached this page because you are already a fan of the show and were specifically looking for Jamie's Got Tentacles Games, then look nowhere else, because only here you will be able to find all the best games with your favorite characters! Well, of course, you might have reached this page without being familiar with this cartoon, especially since at this moment it is airing only in the UK, on the POP network, as far as we know, so if you are from other parts of the world, you might not be so familiar with the show. Have no worries, because we were prepared for that, so in the following part of the description of the Jamie's Got Tentacles Games category, you are going to find a short description of the main plot of the show, and we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the main characters, as you will get to play with them a lot of great and fun games on this website! Jamie is not your regular boy, even though he might appear that way. That is because Jamie comes from the planet Blurb, from where he was sent to Earth to be safe by his parents when a race of aliens have attacked his home planet, and took control of it. Blurbo III and Blurbina, his parents and the rulers of the planet sent their child to Earth, where he has become friends with Erwin Welsh, a regular boy, who now is his best friend, and together they have a lot of adventures and fun, while making sure Jamie's secret is protected, and no one finds his identity. Jamie is a very respectful boy, but who has some trouble with adapting here, since he sometimes follows what he knows from his planet, like not sleeping, or ditching elders somewhere as a sign of respect. He will take any chance he has to get back to his home planet, and he will always fight the two agenst which have come to capture him. For help, he has Erwin by his side, who is a serious boy, but always ready for some fun. He always corrects the mistakes that Jamie does, but he sometimes tries to stop Jamie's planes of getting home, so that they can still be friends. We are sure that you will find these characters to be very interesting and enjoyable, not only in the show, but also when you are going to play Jamie's Got Tentacles Games on our website. Be sure that our team is going to do it's best to create and add as much Jamie's Got Tentacles Games as we can, to make this category one with many fun games, where all the children can have a lot of fun and enjoy themselves!