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We now invite everyone over to the Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery Games category, which is a category that you can currently find on our website, which offers games that you can’t find in many other places, so you should really not miss out on them, because you would only be missing out on lots of fun you can have!

The Jaxon and Songs Maple Mystery Games category was created in 02.02.2019 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 0 times and the best game from Jaxon and Songs Maple Mystery Games it's Leaf Catchers.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 03.02.2019 which it's Leaf Catchers.

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You have probably noticed that we keep on bringing you new and interesting categories out of Canada, even some which have only one game attached to them, and the reason we are doing so is because we want to increase the diversity of our website as much as possible, and, honestly, this is something that we can do only if we create new categories all the time, no matter how many games they have in them, since the number is not the most important thing, but rather, your enjoyment of those games! So far, this recipe seems to have worked quite well, so you can be sure that we are going to continue using it, which is why right now you are on the page of the Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery Games, which is a category of games inspired by the television mini-series with the same name, which is quite a special one, since it is a little bit different than most animated series that have aired on CBC Kids. Why is that? Well, this is a series that has been created to celebrate Canda’s 150th birthday, meaning that it acts as a tribute to the country, and as a means to teach children more about their country. Of course, you can watch this show even if you are not Canadian, which will teach you more about it too, as everyone should learn about other places and cultures! Through eight episodes, the two characters, Jaxon and Song go through the country on countless adventures and teach children lots of interesting facts, and the show has been received very well, as it has earned numerous awards! Of course, it has also been very well received by the children watching it, which is why there has been an online game created after the show, which gives you the chance of going through the adventures of these characters yourself, and has fun and learns in a more direct manner! If you are not from Canada, and are not aware of this show whatsoever, reading this next part of the article is going to teach you a lot of interesting things about what the show aimed to achieve, and we are sure that when you are done reading this, you will want to take part in the action yourself, and start having fun with the games immediately! The show follows Jaxon and Song as they try to get to Canda’s 150th birthday party, and along the way, they cruise the nation and learn new things about it while on the adventure. The two go over the Capilano Suspension Bridge, find a raven that soars but never moves, they go see where the first sunrise in the country is always spotted, or go on a rocket ride over the Great Lakes. Other things they do on their adventures include going bronco riding and going to the prairies, hunt for bergy bits and growlers, search for animals specific to the country, or work on a case together with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As you can see, only adventures, one after the other, both educational and fun, so trying out our game based upon this story is what you should be doing right away! Of course, we hope that in the future, more Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery Games are going to appear on the internet, and when that happens, you can rest assured that we will be the first ones to share them with you, as we do with all of our categories, for that matter! Now, remember, Jaxon and Song’s Maple Mystery Games is just one of the hundreds of categories you can currently find for free on our website, and whose games we hope you are going to give a chance to right after these ones, since doing so will help you continue having fun here for as long as you want to, and we are positive you are not going to regret it in the least! Also, don’t keep this page or our website only to yourself, but invite your friends over, because the more of us are here, the better the website becomes, and the more fun everyone has!