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Jim Loves Mary Games are some really amazing and fun Kizi Games and 2 Player Games, so we recommend that you start playing them immediately, and something tells us that you will have a brilliant time, just like we did, which is what made us create this page in the first place.

The Jim Loves Mary Games category was created in 21.10.2017 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 12 times and the best game from Jim Loves Mary Games it's Jim Loves Mary 2.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 22.10.2017 which it's Jim Loves Mary 2.

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Jim Loves Mary Games is the newest category of Kizi Games and 2 Players Games that we have created for our website, which is a series of two games for the moment, two games which we have played and had a fun time in doing so, which is exactly why we wanted to create this page and share all of these games with you all as well, making sure that you can also have fun playing them, in case that you do not find these games on other websites. You can find them here now, for free, and have a really amazing time playing it, for sure, which is something we believe you can do right now, without even reading this description to the end, although we recommend you do. Since Kizi Games are fun on their own, and 2 Player Games are also very fun on their own, we really wanted to create this category, as we thought that a combination fo the two is going to please a lot of fans of both categories from our website, and if we also count in the fact that we have played the games and had fun, this category is sure to become a hit. Now, if you have played at least one of the games from this page, then there is nothing we have to do to convince you to play the games or anything, as you already know that they are very fun and worth it, so just jump straight to playing them, even if you have done it already, since the second or third time you play Jim Loves Mary Games they get even better, for sure! As for the rest of you, who might never have heard about these games before, and maybe you are curious to learn more about them, then simply read this description to the end. In the following passage we are going to offer you more details about the premise of these Jim Loves Mary Games, what is your purpose in them, and of course, we are going to also tell you how you play them, because this is important, and it is greatly going to help you clear the levels quickly, and if you do know how to play the games correctly it is going to make the experience of playing them even better, without a doubt, and we want to offer you an amazing experience with these games! Jim and Mary were in love, but because Mary’s parents did not approve of the relationship, she was taken away by them. Being separated only made their love stronger, which is why Jim elaborated a plan to make sure that the next day he is going to meet with Mary, and you are going to help him put his plan in motion and achieve his goal, and you will need to get through multiple interesting levels to accomplish that, levels in which you are going to have huge amounts of fun. You are going to use the W,A,D keys to control Jim, and the up,left, and right arrow keys to control Mary. You are going to use either of the characters and try to collect all of the stars in each level, usually being three of them each time. You will have truly completed the game only if you manage to collect all of the hearts. You are also required to avoid the different obstacles on the map, which can be objects, but which can also be Mary’s parents, so if Jim touches them he will get beaten and not be able to meet with Mary. Instead find a way for the two lovers to meet each other without getting caught by the parents. Well, now that you know how these games work and what it is you have to do in them, you really should have no excuses at all not to start playing Jim Loves Mary Games, that’s for sure! Well, we really hope that you are going to start playing them, because only by doing that will you see how much fun you can have. Now that we have told you all of this, we invite you once again to play Jim Loves Mary Games, and not only that, but show these games to all of your friends, so that they can also come over and find them and have fun, because the more the merrier, isn’t that right? Also, when you are done playing Jim Loves Mary Games, do not hesitate to visit the many other amazing categories we have created over time on our website, since they are all filled with some of the best games on the internet, games you are only going to be able to find on, the best website for online games!