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Everyone loves Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or the other members of the Justice League, which is why playing our Justice League Action Games is a must for all fans! Here, find the new version of you favorite DC heroes as they face new threats, and help them out by playing Justice League Action Games, whilst having an incredibly good time!

The Justice League Action Games category was created in 30.05.2016 and from there we added more than 3 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 113 times and the best game from Justice League Action Games it's Nuclear Rescue.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 27.04.2017 which it's Justice League Action Orbital Chase.

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If you love all things super hero, then the Justice League Action Games category is a great fit for you, as we are sure you will enjoy playing all the games in the category a great deal! As you may know, DC and Marvel are the two main competitors in the super hero genre, whether we talk about comics, films or television, and while Marvel has super heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man or the Hulk, DC also has it's heavy hitters in the form of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, or as they are also known: "the holy trinity" of the DC Universe! Well, these three will also be the main focus of the Justice League Action Games category and the show with the same title which is set to start airing this year on Cartoon Network, and for which we are as excited as we can! Once we hear about this new show called Justice League Action we immediately started creating the Justice League Action Games, so that we can be prepared to offer you delightful games based on it, which we are sure you will want to play once the show starts airing. The word action is not random in the title, as this show will feature a different format than you are used to for super hero shoes, as the episodes of the show will only have 11 minutes, and they will jump straight into the action of the story, so that you won't get bored at any time, and so that you can watch your favorite super heroes kicking the butt out of villains! The show and the Justice League Action Games category will not feature only Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman though, as other members of the Justice League will be featured in a rotating fashion, super heroes like The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg or Aquaman, and with heroes like this, we are sure you will enjoy the show and the Justice League Action Games. Of course, a super hero is just as good as is his arch-enemy, so you can expect classic villains like The Joker or Lex Luthor making an appearance in the show, trying to do harm to innocent people, or trying to attack the Justice League in one way or another. We trust Cartoon Network very much, as the network produces some of our favorite show, so we have high expectations that this show will also prove to be very interesting, and we also hope that you will also put your faith in our website to provide you with all the best Justice League Action Games on the internet! So far, you will be able to colour your favorite characters like Batman or Superman in a coloring game, but that is just the beginning, as we will add all the new Justice League Action Games that will show up, and who knows, maybe we will even create some original games ourselves. You can also check out the Justice League Games category, where other versions of these characters can be played with. But first and foremost, play our Justice League Action Games, and have a blast!