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Only on Friv Games Today are you able to find the best Justice League Games on the internet, which feature this legendary team of super heroes from the DC universe, like Batman, Superman, and more of your favorite super heroes!

The Justice League Games category was created in 31.03.2016 and from there we added more than 10 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 44 times and the best game from Justice League Games it's Justice League Dangerous Pursuit.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 17.04.2017 which it's DC Story Maker.

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On Friv Games Today we proudly present to you a new and fun category of games that everyone should check out, which is the Justice League Games online category, which is one of the newest Super Hero Games 2016 categories on our website, which we have added because the DC Extended Universe, which is the film universe for all the heroes from Detective Comics, and the team that is the best team in this universe is none other than the Justice Leauge. This famous team of super heroes is known all around the world, so we know that there are a lot of Justice League Games online which fans would love to play, and which we will add here, for your enjoyment! Also, in 2017, on almost every cinema screen in the world, people will be able to see the first ever live-action film with the Justice League, which will features already seen super heroes like Batman, Wonder Womand and Super Man, but also will introduce the other key players in the DCEU, like The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Aquaman. These super heroes will then receive their own feature-length films in the following years. The first movies of the DCEU were the Man of Steel from 2013, which introduced Super Man, and this year's Batman V Superman, which saw the battle between Super Man and Batman, and added to the mix was Wonder Woman, because these three heroes are considered the holy trinity of the DC Universe. As you probably already know, Justice League is the team of super heroes that join forces when the world needs it, because there is a threat that cannot be defeated by one or two heroes, but instead needs the united powers of some of the best super heroes in the world. The team has been featured in comics, lots of television animated series or animated films, and now we are waiting for them to show up on the big screen. The Justice Leagues fights enemies that are very powerful. Some of them can come from earth, like Lex Luthor or The Joker, but some of them can be aliens, like Darkseid or Brainiac. Well, before you will be able to see this legendary team of super heroes on the big screens, on our website you will be able to play some of the most fun Justice League Games 2016 on the internet! If you are wondering what kind of Justice League Games online would you be able to play on our website, well, we tell you that here you will be able to encounter all kinds of games: action games, new adventure games, dress up games, differences games online, puzzle games, and many other formats. Also, in this category we will be adding the games that come from categories that feature only one super hero from the Justice League, like Batman Games or Superman Games, so that in one place, the Justice League Games category, you will be able to find all the fun games with your favorite super heroes from DC!