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The Knight Squad Games category was created in 03.08.2018 and from there we added more than 7 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 7 times and the best game from Knight Squad Games it's Knight Squad Astoria Adventures.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 20.04.2019 which it's The Great Nickelodeon Slime Rally.

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Welcome everyone to the Knight Squad Games category from our website, Friv Games Today, where we are very happy that we can offer you all an amazing category like this one, especially since we believe we are the first website to do so, so once again we prove why it is on our website that you should be coming daily, in order to find the best content on the internet, regarding online games! When it comes to categories that are based upon shows that are airing on your favorite television channels, we are always the first in creating them, since we are always watching what is going to be airing on television, and whenever there is a first game for that series available online, we are always the first ones to find about it, and the first one to share it with the world-wide audience that our website proudly has! The same has been the case with Knight Squad Games, a category based on a show that started airing on Nickelodeon at the beginning of the year, and although we are now in the middle of it, at the moment of this writing, there have been no games based on it available. Well, that all changed when the game called Abducktion appeared, so we made sure to write this description, create the page, and immediately bring the game over! We have no doubt at all that in doing so, we have made lots and lots of children very happy! The series already had a season of 12 episodes aired, and a second season of 10 episodes has been announced, meaning that the show is popular enough to return on the air, so we have a feeling that will happen with a third season as well, and that this category is only going to keep on growing in the coming years! That also probably means that fans of this series are going to keep coming back to our website, since they will know that if they want to be able to be the first ones to find games based on their favorite show, coming on our website each day is certainly a great idea. We also have thousands of other amazing games available, so why miss out on those as well? Now, from the following part of this description we will be telling you more about what the show revolves around, and of course, who are the main characters. We recommend reading this if you have not seen this show before, and would like to know more about it, since you might believe that this will help you prepare and be better at playing these games! Well, the show is set in the fictional and magical land of Astoria, and more specifically, at a magical school for knights in training. The show revolves around two main characters, Arc and Ciara, who are very different from one another, but despite of that, they make a pact in which they each keep the secrets of the other one, and do their best to follow their dreams of becoming a knight, and achieving that purpose! Arc steals and cheats his way into the school, and into the Pheonix Squad, which is the name of the main team, because he wants to be able to one day liberate his homeland from the evil Ryker. Ciara is secretly the princess of Astoria, who disguises herself by using a special magical ring given to her by pixies. She does not like being a princess that much, as she would rather take action and be a knight. The other main characters of the show include Sage, another member of the Squad, and Ciara’s rival, Prudence, who is one-quarter giant, Warwick, who is considered the worst knight in school, but can actually do magic, Buttercup, who is Sage’s minion, and finally, Sir Gareth, a knight with an eye-patch who is also a teacher at the school. Well, doesn’t it sound interesting? The show is a very exciting one, but trust us when we say, it is even more exciting and fun actually living it yourself, which we recommend that you do by playing the amazing Knight Squad Games on our website, all of them being games that we recommend to each and every one of you! We also hope that you visit the Nickelodeon Games category, for more similar games, and any other category on our website. We are always working very hard towards making our website better than it is, which is why you should be coming here daily, since from morning till evening, we add one awesome game after the other, so why would you miss out on the opportunity of playing them? Do not hesitate to invite your friends over as well, since the more the merrier!