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The Lamput Games category is a category which you have found for the first time on our website, which means that our website is the best place for these games. We know that these Lamput Games are fun, so start playing them right now, so that you will see that is correct, and have a great time by doing this!

The Lamput Games category was created in 01.03.2017 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 123 times and the best game from Lamput Games it's Pesky Posters.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 02.03.2017 which it's Pesky Posters.

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On, we have you accustomed to always finding new categories of games whenever new shows start to air on your favorite television networks, which is why right this moment you get the chance to find yourself on the page of the Lamput Games category, which is the newest category of Cartoon Network Games we have created, which we have all of our faith that it is going to be a category you will like very much, and spend a wonderful time playing all of the games that we will add here. Just because you have never heard of the Lamput Games category before, that does not mean that you should leave this page. Even more so, you should stick around, since you are going to have a brand new experience, unlike you have ever had before, as it is always awesome to try new things, especially if we are talking about online games, since there are so many of them out there, so varied, that we are sure that sometimes, you feel bored playing online games. Well, we are certain that is not the case with our website, which we always keep fresh, and the Lamput Games on our website are definitely going to prove that, especially since there are games which so far you can only find on our website, since we are the first website to have created this category, something for which we are very happy, because we get to once again prove to you all that is the best place to be if you are looking for great online games to play. Now, if you have searched the internet specifically for Lamput Games, then that must mean you come from an Asian country. That is right, this show is only aired in those countries, where there are a lot of people and children, so we are sure that we have made many people happy with the addition of these games. Those of you who are not from Asia, have no worries, since you can easily play these Lamput Games, without having to know anything about the show, and we highly recommend that you give them a chance, since you will not be disappointed. Also, we will use the space we have in this description to offer you a glimpse inside this world, so you will have no problems playing the games. The second important thing you have to know about this series is that, unlike most shows on this network, this is a series of short episodes, micro shorts actually, with three episodes having a total of one minute all together. In this day and age, kids love fast entertainment, which makes it not surprising at all that the show was well received. We are also sure that you will like playing Lamput Games, so to help with that, we are now going to start telling you what this show is about, and after you read all of these things, we are certain that the first thing you will want to do will be to start playing the games as soon as possible! Lamput is a really interesting creature, an orange one, which has a gooey appearance, and is a real nutcase. This creature has escaped from a secret laboratory, so now, two scientists, called Fat Doc and Slim Doc, are always trying to catch him, which is what usually the animated shorts show us. But, because he is very good at disguises, he always manages to escape, and we, the viewers, find ourselves rooting for the orange creature. Really fun, right? Well, then, now that you know about the premise of the show, let's see what the first game of the category is all about, this game being what made us create this category in the first place, so that we can share with you all all these amazing games. The game is called Pesky Posters, and in it, the doctors have put up posters of Lamput so that people will recognize him, and capture him. Your goal will be to help remove the posters, and by doing this, help Lamput escape the doctors once more. We are sure that you will enjoy playing this game, as you will enjoy all of the other games we are going to add in the future as well, since we are most positive that more are going to follow. Until then, we are very glad that we have managed to create the Lamput Games category, which we hope brings a lot of joy in the lives of everyone visiting our website, and playing these games, which we definitely recommend that you do right away! What are you waiting for? Start your adventure right now, only on our website, and we have no doubt at all that you are going to enjoy every minute spent here!