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The LazyTown Games category was created in 13.11.2018 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 117 times and the best game from LazyTown Games it's Sportacus Hero Training.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.11.2018 which it's LazyTown Find Objects.

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Welcome everyone to the LazyTown Games category, which is the page on which you find yourself right now, and where you are going to be able to find some of the most awesome games we currently have on our website, each one better than the other, which is why we wanted this page to be available here in the first place, as we are positive that it is going to provide joy to lots and lots of children worldwide. There is also a lot of interest in these LazyTown Games, since the show, when it was airing, used to be one of the most popular ones, and even now it is available on many networks worldwide, in addition to the fact that the episodes are definitely available on many places all over the internet. The show started way back in 2004, and new episodes have appeared until 2014, so over these ten years, you can imagine that there have been lots and lots of free online LazyTown Games that were created, and we have made sure that all of the best ones are now available on this page for you to play, where we have no doubt at all you are going to have an awesome time, like only here is possible! Those of you who are already fans of this show, we are positive that you are going to waste no time at all, but instead start playing them at once, and have the best time ever with your favorite characters in the world. The rest of you might want to learn more about this world before you decide if you want to play these games or not. If that is the case, we invite you to read this article to the end, as in the next part of it we tell you what the show was about, who are the main characters in it, and when we are done with that we also tell you what kinds of free LazyTown Games you get to find and play here for free, and something tells us that you are going to be a lot more interested in them after finishing reading this. Stephanie is the main character, who is an eight-year-old girl, who is the newest member of the Lazy Town community. She went there in order to live with her uncle, the mayor, and she there learns that all people there live lives that are not at all active. That is why she teams up with Sportacus, an above-avarage super hero, so that together they make the people of the town do all sorts of physical activities, since this is very important for everyone’s bodies and health. The one that stands against that is the antagonist, Robbie Rotten, who loves it that he does not do anything, and so he is not at all happy when people in the town start being more active. That is why he devises all sorts of plans to try and make the people in the town lazy again, but his plans always fail, and our heroes always prevail in front of him. Awesome, right? Each character in the town stars with some physical problems because of their lifestyle, but as the series progresses, they get healthier and better. Now that we have told you what the show is about, and who are the three main characters it focuses on, it is the time to tell you what kinds of LazyTown Games you will be able to find and play here, and something tells us that you are going to be very satisfied with what you discover here, no doubt! The category will be diverse, as it will include coloring games, action games and adventure games, puzzle games, dress up games, pirate games, racing games, and many more, so no matter what your tastes in online games are most of the time, we are positive that you are going to find something you like immediately whilst browsing the LazyTown Games, which is why we wanted it here in the first place. Now that we have told you everything we wanted you to know regarding this page, all that remains for you to do is to start playing our free LazyTown Games at once, and have fun like only here is possible! Don’t forget that this is just one of hundreds categories we currently have here, so we hope that you check them out as well. Also, don’t hog all the fun for yourself, but instead invite your friends over to our website, because the more of us are here to play these games we bring you, the better the website becomes in the process!