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Whether you are fans of the first film or just watched this sequel, we highly recommend you play Life-Size 2 Games on our website, where you have the chance to find the best online games based on this Disney Channel Original Movie. Nowhere else will you get to play Life-Size 2 Games with these characters, so what are you waiting for?

The Life Size 2 Games category was created in 16.08.2016 and from there we added more than 1 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 15 times and the best game from Life Size 2 Games it's Life-Size 2 Puzzle Mania.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 18.08.2016 which it's Life-Size 2 Puzzle Mania.

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You know very well that we like to add many great Disney Channel Games categories on our website, and luckily for us, we get the chance to do that each year, not only because they bring to tv all sorts of interesting new series, but also because one thing that they have more special than the other networks. That is the Disney Channel Original Movies, where yearly we get a number of really fun made-for-tv movies, with some of Disney Channel's biggest stars. Well, in late 2016, another new DCOM is going to air, and that is Life-Size 2, and you can tell from the title that this film is a sequel. Back in 2000, the first Life-Size film aired, featuring Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks, and it became a real hit for the network. Well, 16 years later, we get to see the sequel, which is why we have also created the Life-Size 2 Games category, knowing that after watching the movie, or even before that, you will be curious to play Life-Size 2 Games based on the film, which is exactly what we are going to offer all of you! Now, many of you are probably to young to have seen the first movie, so you are probably not even aware that the sequel is being made, but you still want to play Life-Size 2 Games. Well, have no worries, because in the next part of the description we are going to give you details about the first movie, as we do not know much about the sequel yet, but we are sure that it is following a similar premise. A girl called Casey feels pretty lonely and is upset because the death of her mother. That is when she stumbles upon a magic book which contains a spell for ressurection. She does the spell, but, by mistake, instead of her mother coming back to life, her Eve doll, which is something like a Barbie doll, comes to life. While Casey is not really thrilled about this, Eve is, as she gets to enjoy life, and experience new things like eating and smelling for the first time, going shopping, and having fun. While there is no official plot for the second movie, it will once again see Eve brought back to life, and having incredible human experiences, and guiding and helping a young girl. You can be sure that we are very excited for this movie, which we can't wait to see, but until then, we are satisfied with playing great Life-Size 2 Games on our website, which we hope that you are also going to do. Try the different puzzle games, coloring games, bejeweled games, differences games and others on this page, and we are pretty sure that you are going to have a great time playing them all! Remember to also visit the Disney Channel Games category, where besides Life-Size 2 Games, you will be able to find a great deal of fun games based on shows and films from the network, which we are sure that you will really enjoy! Have fun!