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Play LOL Surprise Games online with your favorite dolls right now and here, because only here you get the chance to have a great time with these dolls that have become the love of girls everywhere, and now they can be played with online!

The LOL Surprise Games category was created in 24.09.2019 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 132 times and the best game from LOL Surprise Games it's Road To Royalty Battle Of Dolls.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 15.12.2019 which it's LOL Surprise Dolls Dress Up.

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We have always made sure that Friv Games Today is a website as developed as possible, and that new and interesting games get added to it all the time, which is the reason why all of you right now you are on the LOL Surprise Games, a brand new and welcome addition to our website, where all of you should be ready for a great experience, especially since there are not many websites out there that currently have this page, so this might be the first place where you get to experience them, and that can’t be missed out on, trust us! What makes this category special and quite different from most the other ones we have here is the fact that instead of being based on a television show or film for children, it is actually based on a really popular toy line, a line of dolls for girls that has the same name as this category, which has only begun production a few years ago, but immediately after its launch it became very popular, so it was only a matter of time before online LOL Surprise Games were to appear, and you can be sure we are happy to be the first ones to share them with you all in an easy place for you to find them, proving once more why this is the best place for children to come and find games they are interested in. If you already love these dolls a lot, you need no introduction to the world, but playing the games is all you are thinking about, and if that is the case, start doing so right away. Instead, if you’ve never heard about them before, and would first like to learn more about them before you start playing friv LOL Surprise Games, reading this article tells you about the franchise and its main characters, and then you also get to learn what kinds of games will be made available for you to play here! The series of dolls is collectible, and they have all sorts of accessories available for them, which was one important point of interest. Each character has their symbol and they are defined by their rarity. Each doll is placed into a sphere, and they are decorated in all sorts of ways, making them very interesting to kids everywhere! Some characters from the series include Crystal Queen, who really loved wering diamonds, Glitter Queen, who you can tell from her name that she loves glitter, Queen Bee who looks just like a bee, Cosmic Sign who represents the horoscope, Fancy, the fashionista of the group, Majorette who loves dancing, Rocker who loves rock more than anything, or Baby Cat, who is inspired by a cat, and is a baby. With such a cast of colorful characters, we’re not at all surprised that this series of toys ended up becoming so popular, and we see why girls from all over the world would want to play with them and add them to their collection. Of course, we also see why they would want to find and play online LOL Suprise Games as well, since it gives them a larger number of dolls to play with, and the virtual world leaves room for things you could be doing that you could not do them in real-life. Let’s tell you what kinds of games we have added here up until now, so that you get yourself familiar with the contents of this page. Of course, you will get the chance to find dress up games where you get to decide the style that each doll wears and modify them to your tastes, or memory games featuring these lovely dolls. Of course, these are just the two games with which we have started the category off, but we have no doubt at all that we will have even more kinds of games in the future, and you will love them all. This is what we wanted you to know regarding the page, so now you have no reason not to start playing and enjoying our LOL Surprise Games right now. Tell all of your friends that they can find and play these games here for free, since they might not have known, and join us in for the fun day after day, since we’ve got a lot of great content coming daily, and we would love if you were to check it all out! Enjoy!