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The shows it's set in a comtemporary world, in a medieval kingdom where a family consist from King Rufus, Queen Eleanor, Peter, Rosalind and Alex try to live a beautiful world.

The Long Live The Royals Games category was created in 09.02.2016 and from there we added more than 7 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 4 times and the best game from Long Live The Royals Games it's Long Live the Royals Coloring Page.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 01.09.2016 which it's Long Live the Royals Swap Puzzle.

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The Royal Family it's here with a lot of new games from Cartoon Network! One of the newst shows from Cartoon it's called Long Live The Royals, a show where we will se the real life of the royal family, and how they spending the time. This show is created by Sean and was released in December and have more than 4 episodes in which the characters are member of the fictionar Brithis Royal Family. The story follow the live of them with a lot of festivals where they want to have fun but in the same time to remain normal, not royals. The games form Long Live The Royals Games 2016 are very nice and we have all sorts of games like puzzle, coloring, memory, and so on. In the Long Live The Royals Games Online we will meet the family starting with the big King Rufus, the Queen Eleanor, Rosalind, Peter, Alex, Allistar and the announcer, Freadirick. The Long Live The Royals Games is following a short miniseries from Cartoon Network, a series thatwe think it will be on your pleasure. Until now the show have 4 episodes and a plot named like the title of the show. The first episode it's Yule Scare and it's about a rabbit that attack people. If you think that this episode it's a little bit scared, don't worry, this is just a very fun one. After this episode we have 3 others, Punk Show where our main character Rosalind runs with a friend, Snore Much where Queen Elenor have a big problem with snoring and The Feast where Yule Hare of Lore escape. We have more characters like Demonic Hare, Gavi, Brody, Rupert, King Diego Belafonte, Mudria, Katherina and many others. We hope that you will like the friv games from this category and we promise that in each day like today we will publish new games from the Long Live The Royals online. Come and play the best games and have a lot of fun with the royal family!