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A new series from Cartoon Network have a big category on where they fight with magical swords and travel in time for magical place to fight with dragons, zombies, and other creatures.

The Mighty Magiswords Games category was created in 10.02.2016 and from there we added more than 15 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 314 times and the best game from Mighty Magiswords Games it's Mighty Magiswords Hoversword Hustle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 17.09.2018 which it's Mighty Magiswords Hot Foot It.

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From Cartoon Network comes a new category full of games for you, the player from! This category name it's Mighty Magiswords Games and it's about a great war between good and bad people that fight with magics. The creator of the new series of Mighty Magiswords Cartoon it's Kyle Carrozza from Nickelodon. This series appear first time in 2015 with a App for mobiles. The hole seris it's about Vambre and Prohyas who are brothers of a great team of Warriors for Hire. They go together in many crazy adventure where they fight with monsters and collect magical swords. In Mighty Magiswords Show we have many famous actors voice like Jim Cummings, Grey Delisle, Eric Bauza, Mr. Lawrence and others big names from Hollywood. In new Mighty Magiswords Games you will find fun and educational activites ready for you and your friends. We have a lot of games like puzzle, memory, bejeweled, dress up, clean, for girls and for boys. Until now Cartoon Network finished 15 micro-shorts the first it's Prohyas and HOppus vs Veggie where they use the Pencil Magisword and Dolphin Magisword and the last episode or app it's Vamre vs Piggy where they use Blow Dryer Magisword and Oinkus Oinkus Magisword. The show have some shorts like To Boulderly Go where our friends Vambre and Prohyas go for a great adventure to find the magic treasure named Grup the Dragon. The last episode from the series it's Whose Hyas is it Anyway that was released in Octomber 2015, wher your friends, the warriors travel into Galacton. For our friends from Australia and New Zealand, Cartoon Network will premiere the show named Mighty Magiswords in 2016, January, and we hope that you will love the show and play our Mighty Magiswords Games online! Each gamer will have to figure out how to finish the games like adventure or actions folowing the hints from the game. The gameplay of the games will be showed in a video from Veedi below the game, so you can see how to get over a time that no longer know what to do. In this list you will find all friv with the Mighty Magiswords Games 2016. Forwards will present the main characters and other secundary characters from the show starting with the main, Prohyas and Vambre Warrior, Announcer, Slug Burger Clerk, Grup the Dragon, Zange, Hoppus, Phil, Zange, King Rexxtopher and others. I think that you will to know more about the main characters from the Mighty Magiswords shows and games, so in continuation we will present some details about Vambre Warrior, the sistem of Prohyas and a great member of a greater team named Magisword Waror. One thing it's what Vambre hates most, and thet's pants! She have a lot of swords from the Attractive Voice Magisword to Tomato Magisword! She have some enemies, one of them it's Hoppus, a rabbit who fight with a carrot magisword and before you say something let me tell you that he is very strong, but not so smart! Another bad character form Mighty Magiswords Games Online it's King Rexxtopher who it's a king who is a dinosaur that now he is very angry with the two brothers. Phil it's the last main bad character from the show and he is pretending to be Prohyas hat to get some money. In the Mighty Magiswords Games from Cartoon Network we will have another main character named Prohyas Warrior who it's Vambre big brother. He is not he most intelligent person ever but it's more controled and strategic than Vambre. He have a great collection of swords from Accordion Magisword to Zombie Pumpkin Magisword. We hope that you follow the shows and play the games from our site. Come back in each day to play more and more online application with your favorite Cartoon Network characters from 2016! Have fun my friends!