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Welcome right now to Boomerang’s Might Mike Games page from Friv Games Today, where you are going to have endless fun together with some of the most lovable animals in television shows, with which there will not be even one moment of boredom!

The Mighty Mike Games category was created in 03.04.2019 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 7 times and the best game from Mighty Mike Games it's Mighty Mike Spot the Difference.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 31.08.2019 which it's Mighty Mike Jigsaw Puzzle.

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Here on Friv Games Today we make sure that new categories of games are being created all the time, especially high-quality ones and ones that are based upon the latest television shows airing on your favorite networks. One such category that we have just created is this one, on the page of which you are right now, the Mighty Mike Games category, based upon the show with the same name that has recently started airing on Boomerang and plenty other channels all over the world, so we have no doubt that in no time at all there will be lots of people from all over the globe coming here to play these games. Of course they will be coming here first, as we are proud to say that we have created this page before any other websites that are in the same world as ours, so once more we believe we have proven why it is worth it for you to visit our website daily, since we always make sure to have the best new content on the market! Because this is a show that follows an animal, this time a dog, its success is almost guaranteed, since we know that kids all over the world love television shows with animals, the more diverse, the better, and since dogs are already beloved, there’s no way this show won’t resonate with children. If you have already watched the show, we are positive that you want to play the Mighty Mike Games right away, and we are not stopping you from doing so, not in the least. The rest of you, who are not sure if you want to play the games because you are not familiar with the world, don’t worry, as this next part of the article teaches you what the show is about, gives you more details on the main characters, and when that is done with we also tell you what kinds of games you will be able to find and play here, and there’s no way at all you will not be happy with what you find! One thing that is sure to draw a lot of children towards this show is its unique animation since it uses some new kind of technology that will make the animals look really photo-realistic, in a way that has never been done before in animation. They are cartoons, but they will feel and look just like real animals, for sure. Mike, who is quite a big but refined and sophisticated pug, only wants to live his quiet life, which he can’t unfortunately do, since he has to deal with all sorts of critters that are trying to invade his house. All sorts of characters, such as Fluffy the cat are disturbing his peace, and each episode will have an interesting premise and really cool and fun action. He deals with all problems, only for the homeowners to return back at night, when he returns to the dog house. Also, Mike wants to impress his neighbor lady dog, Cindy, on whom he has a really big crush. As you can see, there is an interesting premise, lots of great and fun activities and fun things happening all the time, and we are positive that there’s never going to be a moment of boredom, just like there won’t be one in the Might Mike Games online you will get to play here. So far there are only a few, including a differences spotting game that there’s no way at all you are not going to enjoy a lot, as you get to see a lot of interesting pictures from the show. Of course, as the show goes on and its number of episodes grows, there will be more and more games appearing on the internet to feature this world, and you can rest assured that you will find them first right here since we always bring you the best new friv games online! Of course, that means that in addition to the games from this page, there are countless of other amazing friv games to check out, so do as such when you are done with the ones on this page. Remember to also invite friends over, because the more people play our great games, the better our website becomes, and we are sure that you want our place to be an even better experience. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the Boomerang Games page for more similar games!