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We invite you to start playing Mika's Diary Games right now, only on our website, which is the only place where you can find awesome games like these ones, where you will join Mika and her imaginary friends in all sorts of adventures and fun things, and we assure you that you will not get bored for even a second while playing them!

The Mika's Diary Games category was created in 27.08.2016 and from there we added more than 3 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 0 times and the best game from Mika's Diary Games it's Mika’s Diary Coloring.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 27.08.2016 which it's Mika's Diary Puzzle.

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It's only on that you have the chance to find and play the most awesome Mika's Diary Games online, which is a category of games which we are offering each and all of you, knowing that many fans of the show must be interested in playing games with their favourite characters, which is something that one is always able to do on our website, which always stays updated with categories based upon some of the most recent shows for children airing on tv! Well, while Mika's Diary is a show that is not currently running on one of the major networks for children, it is still a pretty well known show, and that means that there are many kids who would be interested in playing Mika's Diary Games, online games which we have found to be very interesting and fun, so there was no way that we would not also add them here, so that you can play them as well, and have a lot of fun! If you are currently not watching the show, and know nothing about it or it's characters, but you would like to know before you begin playing Mika's Diary Games, you just need to continue to read this description until it's end, where you will read all of this information, and we are sure that it will only make you want to play these games even more! The show features Mika, the main character, who is a four year old girl, learning about the world, and most importantly, about her own feelings and personality. She is not the only character in the show, as we have several of her imaginary friends with which she interacts, like Snooty, who is a pillow, Busybee, who is a lamp, Blah Blah the puppet, a Beanbag called Sleepy, a plush hedgehog called Boo, and last but not least, How So, who is a plush kitten. The interesting thing about all of these imaginary friends of Mika's is that they are representative of her many traits, like curiosity, creativity, or laziness. She improves herself, learns new things, is creative, and is always having fun in this show, which children love really much. We are sure that they are also going to really love playing Mika's Diary Games, about which we are going to tell you some more things in the following part of the description, so that you will become familiar with this category! The category is going to include fun puzzle games, coloring games, or memory games, which are all formats of games which develop the skills of children, and we are sure that in time, more and more interesting games with varied formats are going to follow in the category. If one thing is certain, it's that Mika's Diary Games are really enjoyable and fun, which is why we hope that you will start playing them right now, and start having fun, like you can do only on!