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A new Disney Channel princess is Moana, and for the girl players from this site we will publish in each day a new game with Moana!

The Moana Games category was created in 08.02.2016 and from there we added more than 532 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 522 times and the best game from Moana Games it's Moana Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 25.01.2020 which it's Princess E-Girl Fashion.

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Only here on our free online games website, you dear friends can find the best and the most interesting games for you to play from all your favourite games categories. We always try to bring you the best and the most interesting games categories that you like and that are the newest cartoons on TV, so today, we have for you a new online games category, a category with a new Disney princess. This games category is called Moana, which is the name of the newest 2016 Disney princess, which today starts to appear even here on, where you already have princess gams, but Moana is a special princess, because she is very different than the other princesses that you know from cartoons and even from our games. Moana, is a beautiful princess, that lives on an deserted island where here and her entire tribe lives and prosper with the nature. Moana is the tribe princess, but she is very energetic and very atopic for a tribe princess, because even dough she is strong and brave, she is very energic and curious so she often gets into trouble, which you will be able to see in our newest Moana games category games. You will have to know that the island, even dough it’s in the middle of the ocean, it’s not that dangerous, but Moana gets so tight up on her adventures that every time she is on the verge to get hurt. You dear friends will have the chance to make friends with beautiful princess Moana here on, where more and more games from the Moana games category will appear for you to play. You will have to know that Moana has a very good friend, that will appear very often in games with her. His name is Maui, and him and his family lived for generations on the island, and so he knows Moana very well, and he often gives her advice, even dough she never listens to them and does as she pleases, like a real Disney princess does. We are waiting you here on with more and more games from this new princess games category, but we have other surprises for you that are awaiting for you here on Have fun!