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It is only on our website that you are going to get the chance of playing Molang Games as awesome as the ones that we currently offer you here, which is actually the case with any other category that we have here. We hope that you will be giving these games a chance, and not just that, but tell all of your friends about them and how awesome they are!

The Molang Games category was created in 16.03.2018 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 16 times and the best game from Molang Games it's Molang Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 01.10.2018 which it's Molang Fishing Game.

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Everyone is welcome right now into our category of Molang Games, a category we are very happy that we have added on our website, since we know that for almost three years now, this animated show has been aired in multiple countries in the world on some of the most popular channels there, and not just that, but we know that this animated series is based on a toy by the same name, which has been really really popular in Asian countries, which is the main reason that an animated series based upon it has also been created, which we believe only increased the popularity of the toy. We are happy for that, but we are even more happy for the fact that online Molang Games exist, games which we can now share with all of you on our website, where we know that you come daily because you know that we offer the best new games on the internet, games none of you should be missing out on, and we don’t think you do, since all of the new games that we share with you immediately get lots and lots of hits. Well, something tells us that the same is going to be true for this Molang Games category, and the main thing is that we have already played these games before we added them to our website, so we know how fun they are, which is what convinced us that we have to share them with the entire world through our website. Well, if you are already familiar with this character and it’s fluffy and amazing world, then we are positive that nothing is going to hold you back from starting to play these games immediately, which is actually what you should be doing, obviously. Now, in case you have never heard about these games and this world before, and would like to know more, then we invite you to read the next part of this description, where we are going to tell you things regarding the origin of this series, the premise of the show, and after that we are also going to tell you what kinds of Molang Games you can expect to find and play on our website, for free, of course! Now, Molang is a white and big chubby rabbit, which has originated in Korea, where it immediately became really popular on social media. Rice is what inspired the design of this cute little creature. The premise of this show is that it follows Molang, together with his best friend, Piu Piu, who go on all sorts of adventures, one more interesting and more crazy than the previous one, and in each one if you watch it, you get to have lots and lots of fun. The design of the character, the episodes of the show, the social media presence and everything around Molang has made him the most popular in South Korea, and we are very happy that he has made his way in other parts of the world as well, thanks to networks like Cartoonito or Disney Junior, which are airing this show in all sorts of different parts of the world. Well, certainly everything that we have written here so far has made you curious, as it should, so we highly recommend that you waste no time at all, but instead start playing our online Molang Games right away, and have fun like only on our website it is possible to have! Now, in case you need to know more about said games, then we are going to tell you right now. Well, the games are puzzle games, memory games, and coloring games, which are the staple of almost all of our categories, which is something obvious, since such games are not only really fun, but at the same time they are educational, and help develop the skills of all the children who play them, as well as their creativity and their speed of thinking, which is important, especially if you can improve these games through fun online games, would you not agree? Now, since everything that had to be said regarding this category has been said, start playing the games at once! When you are done, remember that you find yourself on, one of the best websites with online games on the entire internet, where you get to find one after the other awesome game, so make sure that when you are done with these games, you check out the many other categories that we have, and the thousands of free online games, as in no time at all you will find something you like playing. Don’t forget to tell all of your friends about our category of Molang Games, and our website in general, as we have a hunch they would love it here!