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The best Motu Patlu Games on the internet can be found only here, on, where we will always have the best Nickelodeon Games from India, having seen how awesome they are, as we want to be able to offer you the best content in the world, without a doubt!

The Motu Patlu Games category was created in 11.11.2017 and from there we added more than 26 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 90 times and the best game from Motu Patlu Games it's Bowling Champs.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.11.2017 which it's King Of Kings Game 3.

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Motu Patlu Games is yet another amazing category of Nickelodeon Games coming from India that we are happily sharing with all of you on our website today, when right now we want to invite you to play the games we have worked hard to bring to this page, since we have had an amazing experience playing each and every one of them, so we hope that you are going to be willing to let us share this experience with you as well, with the only way that is possible is for you to try our Motu Patlu Games, all of which we have tested before adding to our website, so we know for sure that they are games of great quality! Well, this is actually a habbit we have for all the categories we create, so this way we make sure that no bad content is added on our website, and that you always are able to find amazing games to play here. Another thing that is becoming more of a reality now that we have the Motu Patlu Games category on our website is that we are always trying our best to make our website be not only diverse, but international as well, since this is a world-wide website, meaning that there are children from all kinds of places in the world coming here to find games, and we are sure that they are happy when they get to see games with characters that maybe only they know, because that show is airing only in that country. Out of the many countries in the world, India is a haven of animation, as there are lots of original shows created for the audiences there, and not only there, but for the Indians all over the world. The show that the Motu Patlu Games category is based on has been airing since 2012, is one of the highest-rated shows in the countries in it’s demographic, so it is not surprising at all that we have managed to find so many awesome games based on it. This information should be enough to convince you to try out these games, but if you still want to know more, then you are invited to continue reading this description, because up next you will be able to find out what is the premise of the show, who are the main characters in it, and afterwards you will also learn what kinds of Motu Patlu Games you will be able to find and play for free on this page, and without a doubt you are going to be happy with the content you find here! Motu and Patlu are two best friends, and the protagonists of the show. In the episodes of the show, the two friends usually end up in all sorts of comical situations, of which they seem to escape through sheer luck. Motu is usually the ones who creates all sorts of troubles for the duo, and Patlu is usually th one who has to intervene and save the day. There are also other characters that aid them in their adventures, and there are all sorts of crazy things happening in each episode of the show. John the Don, a criminal, is the main antagonist in the series, who wants to be a super criminal, is aided by his assistants, Number One and Number Two, but his plans are usually foiled by the heroic actions that our two main protagonists make. Well, now that you know the premise of the show, and you have also got to know the main characters, it is time for us to tell you what kinds of games you can expect to find on this page, although we are not going to be able to describe them all, since there are lots of them currently available! You will find action games, skill games, flying games, zombie games, animal games, snowboarding games, coloring games, dinosaur games, sports games, mainly cricket games, and all sorts of other games, all of which we recommend, because, as you can see, it is a wide variety, and we are sure that you are going to find something you like, no matter what your tastes are! Well, that was what we wanted to tell you regarding the Motu Patlu Games category, so now that we have made all of this known, you are invited to waste no time at all, but start playing the games at once, because reading about them is not enough, as you have to actually play them as well to experience their greatness! Do not hesitate to also tell all of your friends about our Motu Patlu Games and many other categories, because we are sure that once they arrive on our website, they are going to be happy with the variety of content they find!