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Welcome all to Mr Bean Games, which is a brilliant new category of Boomerang Games for which we are extremely happy, as we have managed to add plenty of great games in it, all of which recommended, and we honestly hope that you are going to try them out this instant!

The Mr Bean Games category was created in 12.03.2018 and from there we added more than 23 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 56 times and the best game from Mr Bean Games it's Mr Bean Splash Art .

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.10.2019 which it's Halloween Splash Art.

Read More About Mr Bean Games

Mr Bean Games is a category of games for which we are very happy we have created on our website, as something tells us that it is soon going to become one of the most popular categories of Boomerang Games that we have, and this is a Boomerang category because this will be a series of games based upon the animated show that is airing on this network, in case you did not know. Obviously, you probably already know that Mr Bean originated as a character in a beloved British sitcom with the same name, who has become really popular world-wide, as there have been even two full-length movies made that feature him, and, obviously, an animated series has also been produced. It started way back in 2000, where it had three seasons, but in 2015 a brand new series was made, continuing the adventures of this animated version of Mr Bean, with the whole original cast returning, and the show still airs on Boomerang and on many other channels all over the world as well right now, so there must be some interest in children for playing online Mr Bean Games, something for which we are extremely happy ourselves, as we have made sure that this will be the best place for you to find and play such games, like we actually do with all of the categories that we usually create for our website. The reason for that is because we want our website to stay the #1 website for you to come and play awesome online games, and the only way we can achieve that is if we keep on creating new categories, bring you new content in it, and at the end of the day, make sure that the content in them is great and high-quality, since that is even more important than the number of games, as it would not help anyone if we would have many games here, but most of them would be low-quality. Well, you can rest assured that is not going to happen here. Now, in case you want to learn more about this category, such as about the plot of the animated series, the characters it has, and maybe even about the kinds of free Mr Bean Games you are going to play here, then we kindly invite you to read this description to the end, from which you are going to find all of this information that you require. We really hope that after you read this, if you were undecided on playing the games at the start of this, you will decide to try the games and be excited for them. Obviously, the show follows the title character, a man named Mr Bean, who is not among really smart people, as he is kind of stupid, but at the same time, he is really curious, has a big heart, and always wants to do the best thing possible. In each episode of the show we see him get in all sorts of crazy and interesting situations, from which he eventually comes out from, but in the meantime his antics provide the viewers with lots and lots of laughter, and the fact that the show is mostly silent, as the comedy does not rely on dialogue, but rather on slapstick and physical comedy, is probably what made this show coming from Great Britain be so immensly popular all over the world, as this kind of comedy is really internatonal. In the show he is joined by other characters such as his pet teddy bear Teddy, Irma, and his landlady Ms. Wicket and her evil cat. There is never a moment of boredom in this show, and comedy is it’s main aspect, so we are sure that if you watched it, you know it is totally worth your time. Well, one thing is clear, as you are not required to have seen the show or even know anything about this character, as you can easily start playing these Mr Bean Games that we have, as they are diverse, with the main ones being called: Bean in Panic, Skidding, Goldfish Loopy Loopy, Evicted, Mr Bean Solitaire, Balloon Dodge Dash, Mr Bean Colouring In, and Mr Bean Jigsaw, so, as you can clearly see from this description, the series is diverse, so we are sure that no matter what your tastes in online games are, you are most probably going to find at least one game to your liking, but we presume that probably even more. Now that you have been informed of all these things, there is nothing that should be holding you back from playing our great online Mr Bean Games right now, having fun, and not only that, but afterwards visiting some of our many other great categories and games!